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The Book of Compassion: Reverence for All Life - Pramoda Chitrabhanu - Pravin K. Shah, Compilers 2000

Amazon Synopsis: A collection of articles on Reverence for All Life.

The Chinese Classic of Family Reverence: A Philosophical Translation of the Xiaojing - Henry Rosemont, Jr., Roger T. Ames, Henry Rosemont 2009

Book Jacket: For China, one may go so far as to say that family reverence was a necessary condition for developing any of the other human qualities of excellence. On the basis of the present translation of the Xiaojing (Classic of Family Reverence) and supplemental passages found in other early philosophical writings, Professors Rosemont and Ames articulate a specifically Confucian conception of "role ethics" that, in its emphasis on a relational conception of the person, is markedly different from most early and contemporary dominant Western moral theories.

This Confucian role ethics takes as its inspiration the perceived necessity of family feeling as the entry point in the development of moral competence and as a guide to the religious life as well. In the lengthy introduction, the two senior scholars offer their perspective on the historical, philosophical, and religious dimensions of the Xiaojing. Together with this introduction, a lexicon of key terms presents a context for the Xiaojing and provides guidelines for interpreting the text historically in China as well as suggesting its contemporary significance for all societies. The inclusion of the Chinese text adds yet another dimension to this important study.

Creating with Reverence: Art, Diversity, Culture and Soul - Claire Campbell Park 2009

Amazon Synopsis: Creating with Reverence: Art, Diversity, Culture and Soul inspires us to form a dynamic creative foundation and expand our cultural perspectives, through reflections on artists who are committed to life-giving values including; Maria Martinez, a Pueblo potter, the woodworkers of Kyoto, Japan, painters from Australia who honor their Aboriginal ancestry, the weavers of Chiapas, Mexico, DIY and leading contemporary artists. Readers are invited to refine insights on the relation of creativity to a continuity of generations, concepts of time, the significance of beauty, craftsmanship, our daily lives and spiritual well-being. Color illustrations by eminent photographers are interspersed throughout the text.


Of God and Pelicans: A Theology of Reverence for Life - Jay B. McDaniel 1989

Amazon Synopsis: Jay McDaniel's book discusses the understanding of God's relationship to all living things, the foundations and guidelines for a life-centered ethic, the understanding of Christian spirituality, and feminism. It is a powerful statement on justice, peace, and respect for the integrity of all creation.

Reason and Reverence: Religious Humanism for the 21st Century - William R. Murry 2006

Amazon Synopsis: Answering the critics who find humanism lacking the power to inspire, Murry brings a new vision of religious humanism, one that evokes compassion, spirituality and a language of reverence while grounded in reason, community, social responsibility, science and ethics. Along with an accessible account of humanism's historical development, theological challenges and future directions, on these pages readers will discover a more open and inclusive humanism, one that speaks to the heart as well as the mind.

Reverence For All Life: The Path to Ahimsa: Vegetarianism - Janice Gray Kolb 2012

Amazon Synopsis: Over twenty years ago, the author announced that she had decided to no longer eat meat, fish, or poultry. This was no complicated decision for her, and she hadn’t struggled or pondered it with a great deal of thought. She simply decided that with her view and love of animals, it was no longer possible to eat them, and made a vow to never again eat meat. The focus of the author is that the vegetarian way of life is a good thing: that when we sit down to eat, we symbolically stand up for animals.

We celebrate kindness and compassion, and offer no support for the cruelty and misery that animals endure as they are fattened and prepared for our tables. Janice Kolb firmly believes that if done thoughtfully, a vegetarian life style is fully satisfying, fully healthy, and a strong statement of social concerns on how we should treat the animals with whom we share this planet … and that there are healthy, wonderful, and abundant alternative choices of fruits and vegetables with which to make delicious meals. “It is time to address anew the reality that animals are still being horrendously treated, abused, tortured and killed so that humans may have their dead bodies on their tables to consume daily—and to encourage others to consider a more compassionate view to our fellow travelers on this earth.”  


Reverence for Life: The Ethics of Albert Schweitzer for the Twenty-First Century -  Marvin Meyer (Editor) 2002

Amazon Synopsis: This collection of essays builds on the contributions of Albert Schweitzer's philosophy of "Reverence for Life" as it pertains to our world today.


Reverence in the Healing Process: Honoring Strengths without Trivializing Suffering - David A. Crenshaw, Editor 2009

Amazon Synopsis:

Reverence is defined as a sense of awe or profound respect for the person. It has become increasing rare in modern culture, not only in health care, but in education and in corporations, where people are too often treated in a dehumanizing way. 

This groundbreaking book is the most comprehensive volume to-date that explores in depth the concept of reverence and strengths-based approaches in the psychotherapy healing process as manifested in a wide variety of treatment modalities such as child and play therapy, family therapy, therapeutic assessments, and in training programs. Applications in head start programs and group homes, with both juvenile offenders and traumatized children, are covered in individual chapters along with using a strengths-based, reverent approach with providers.

Reverence, Obedience and the Invisible in the Garden: Talks on the Biodynamic French Intensive System - Alan Chadwick 2013

Amazon Synopsis: Gardening. Environmental Studies. English-born Alan Chadwick (1909-1980) was considered by E. F. Schumacher to be the greatest gardener in America. Chadwick was an early force in the reintroduction of organics into horticulture, creating gardens of exquisite beauty and fertility, mainly in California, in the 60s and 70s. Through his deep connection to Nature, coupled with his tutorship under Rudolf Steiner and studies in some of the great gardens of Europe, Chadwick developed what he called the "biodynamic French Intensive system." Chadwick was a practicing Shakespearian actor, a painter, a musician, a mythologist and a storyteller, and brought all these parts of himself into the creation of what he considered the greatest art: becoming a simple gardener.

Reverence: Renewing a Forgotten Virtue - Paul Woodruff 2002

Amazon Synopsis: Reverence is an ancient virtue dating back thousands of years. It survives among us in half-forgotten patterns of behavior and in the vestiges of old ceremonies. Yet, Paul Woodruff says, we have lost sight of reverence. This short, elegiac volume makes an impassioned case for the fundamental importance of the forgotten virtue of reverence, and how awe for things greater than oneself can--indeed must--be a touchstone for other virtues like respect, humility, and charity.

Ranging widely over diverse cultural terrain--from Philip Larkin to ancient Greek poetry, from modern politics to Chinese philosophy--Woodruff shows how absolutely essential reverence is to a well-functioning society. He tackles some thorny questions: How does reverence allow not only for leaders but for followers? What role does reverence play in religion? Do some religions misuse reverence? Must reverence be humorless? In the process, Woodruff shows convincingly how reverence plays an unseen part in virtually every human relationship.

Elegantly written, thoughtful yet urgent, Reverence is sure to reach out to a wide variety of people interested in the moral health of Western culture, showing how our own intellectual and spiritual legacy can guide us more than we realize.

The Seat of the Soul - Gary Zukav 1999

With the same extraordinary skill that he used to demystify scientific abstraction and the new physics, Gary Zukay, the award-winning author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters, here takes us on a brilliant and penetrating exploration of the new phase of evolution we have now entered.

With lucidity and elegance, Zukav explains that we are evolving from a species that pursues power based upon the perceptions of the five senses -- external power -- into a species that pursues authentic power -- power that is based upon the perceptions and values of the spirit. He shows how the pursuit of external power has produced our survival-of-the-fittest understanding of evolution, generated conflict between lovers, communities, and superpowers, and brought us to the edge of destruction.

Using his scientist's eye and philosopher's heart, Zukav shows how infusing the activities of life with reverence, compassion, and trust makes them come alive with meaning and purpose. He illustrates how the emerging values of the spirit are changing marriages into spiritual partnerships, psychology into spiritual psychology, and transforming our everyday lives. The Seat of the Soul describes the remarkable journey to the spirit that each of us is on.

Teaching with Reverence: Reviving an Ancient Virtue for Today's Schools - A. G. Rud and Jim Garrison 2012

Book Jacket: Reverence is a forgotten virtue in teaching and learning. Indeed, it is a largely forgotten virtue in American society. This book argues that there is much more to teaching students than merely imparting knowledge. Good teaching involves forming character, molding destinies, creating an enduring passion for learning, appreciating beauty, caring for others, and much more. In some sense of the word, teaching is a spiritual, although not necessarily a religious, activity.

When done well, it cultivates human intimacy and allows teachers to find creative self-expression in classroom community. The essays gathered here examine reverence as a way to understand some of the spiritual dimensions of classroom teaching.

What Does It Mean to Be Human?: Reverence for Life Reaffirmed by Responses from Around the World - Frederick Franck & Richard Connolly, Compilers 2001

Amazon Synopsis: In an inspirational act of faith and hope, nearly one hundred contributors--social activists, thinkers, artists and spiritual leaders--reflect with poignant candor on our shared human condition and attempt to define a core set of human values in our rapidly changing socity.

Contributors include:

  • The Dalai Lama
  • Wilma Mankiller
  • Oscar Arias
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Cornel West
  • Jack Miles
  • Mother Teresa
  • Nancy Willard
  • Elie Wiesel
  • James Earl Jones
  • Joan Chittister
  • Mary Evelyn Tucker
  • Vaclav Havel
  • Archbishop Desmund Tutu

What Does It Mean To Be Human? is a vital meditation on the endless possibilities of our humanity.

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