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Angel Animals: Exploring Our Spiritual Connection with Animals - Linda Anderson 1999

Amazon Synopsis: Animals have the amazing ability to fulfill the most basic human needs: love, affection, companionship, even survival. Their positive influence can have a profound effect on our everyday lives. Since founding the Angel Animals organization in 1996, Allen and Linda Anderson have heard from thousands of people worldwide, who have shared personal stories of how animals have enriched their lives. Angel Animals is a collection of these testaments -- an inspiring tapestry of tales spotlighting the spiritual truths that animals teach. From dogs, cats, and horses, to bears, dolphins, and deer, the animals featured in Angel Animals have not only led people to rediscover the meaning of courage, loyalty, and forgiveness ... but they have also proven that miracles are possible.

Awakening the Buddhist Heart: Integrating Love, Meaning, and Connection into Every Part of Your Life by Lama Surya Das 2001

Amazon Synopsis: Surya Das illustrates how to develop authentic presence, how to connect to our own life experience, build deeper relationships, embrace life's lessons, as well as learn how to love what we don't like.

Everyone needs to feel connected, to love and feel loved, to reach out to others and communicate in order to overcome alienation, loneliness, and a feeling of being disconnected. In Awakening the Buddhist Heart, Surya Das shows you how to reach inward and outward.

By developing spiritual intelligence, a sense of compassion that helps us be more sensitive, more aware of our own feelings and the feelings of those around us, we become more intuitive; we relate better and love better. Cultivating spiritual intelligence and learning how to connect will improve our capacity for intimacy, making us better mates, friends, parents, and coworkers; it helps all of us to become more giving and brings us fulfillment, meaning, and love. With tremendous insight he explores specific ways in which we can more fruitfully relate to our own experiences as well as each other in today's fast-paced, complicated, and often confusing world.

The Bridge across Forever – Richard Bach 1989

Amazon Synopsis: If you've ever felt alone in a world of strangers, missing someone you've never met, you'll find a message from your love in The Bridge Across Forever.

Bridge Into Light: Your Connection to Spiritual Guidance - Pam Cameron 1994

Amazon Synopsis: This book is for those who want to learn how to become more focused on their spiritual path and to prepare for their ascension, lovingly offers many step-by-step exercises on how to meditate and how to channel. This is a practical how-to book which teaches techniques for listening to your own spiritual guidance directly. It includes exercises and channeled information which is compelling for our times.

Building Connections: Spiritual Dimensions of Teaching - Eileen M. Cunningham 2001

Amazon Synopsis: One of the most significant challenges facing teachers today is their capacity to work effectively with diverse learners. Building Connections responds to the essential needs that teachers have expressed as a result of reflecting on their experiences in schools, with learners and their families, and with colleagues. Many teachers today consider teaching to be a calling, a mission that reaches out to youth. They want to be faithful to this mission, to create effective learning environments and experiences that foster successful student achievement, and to have a sense of wholeness while doing so. This book is a personal reflection on the author's experiences with diverse people. It represents Eileen M. Cunningham's attempt to transpose these experiences and her responses to them into a framework that can be used by others who want to make sense of their experiences through a spiritual perspective.

Close Connections: The Bridge between Physical and Spiritual Reality - Dr. John Hatcher 2005

Amazon Synopsis: Close Connections, a ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year finalist, will appeal to anyone interested in spirituality and its link to everyday life. For more than twenty-five years, scholar and poet John Hatcher has studied the nature and purpose of physical reality by exploring the theological and philosophical implications of the authoritative Baha'i texts. His latest book explains how the gap between physical and spiritual reality is routinely crossed, and describes the profound implications that result from the interplay of both worlds. Close Connections is part of a John Hatcher trilogy that presently includes The Purpose of Physical Reality (Baha'i Publishing, 2005).

Communicating With Animals: The Spiritual Connection between People and Animals - Arthur Myers 1997

Amazon Synopsis: Most people have told their dog to "sit" or heard the insistent meows of a cat at dinnertime, but thousands are discovering that they can actually carry on meaningful, nonverbal conversations with animals. In Communicating with Animals, veteran reporter Arthur Myers explores the phenomenon of human-animal communication in hundreds of case studies. Readers will learn the history of animal communication, compelling evidence of animal reincarnation, and how to use their untapped mind power to form psychic links with animals.

Every Cat Has a Story: True Stories Exploring the Spiritual Connection of Felines with Their Beloved Owners - Jasmine Kinnear 2007

Amazon Synopsis: Every Cat Has a Story is an exploration of the intimacy that exists between felines and their owners. Submitted from writers throughout the world, these stories touch on the synchronicity of Universal intervention which unites a cat with their person.

As you enjoy these stories, possibly a new perspective of your own cat's special qualities may become evident. Your feline's life has not gone unnoticed, for you have been a living testament to the delight and enchantment they have brought into your family. Every cat does indeed have a story, a moment and a legacy that touches their owner's world in a significant manner.

A sampling of the 16 stories includes: "The Blue Angel & Her Garden of Pets," one man's connection to feline spirituality which ultimately connects us one to the other. "Finding Karma at the SPCA" is a story of Universal destiny in which a cat immediately recognizes her owner, yet neither had ever met before. "My Cat is So Insolent, She Has a Price on Her Head," is written with a dry sense of humor exploring the "what ifs" of a cat lover and her lessons learned. "Caterina, Portrait of a Feline Soul Mate," is the kitten we all seek but would we have the awareness to recognize her in a room full of kittens? Then again, would she recognize us? This is an intriguing, educational and entertaining collection of cat stories that you may fondly recall during those private moments shared only with your cat.

Invisible Powerful Energies: Psychic Connections & Spiritual Growth - Arlene Thompson 2006

Amazon Synopsis: As you will learn in this book, I received from spirit a very clear message through a reading provided in Ontario. There was no doubt that I was being guided to write a book about my personal psychic experiences and my personal spiritual journey. I then recognized that spirit intended me to write of the sequence of events in my life, in order to help others to "open the door" and feel comfortable about sharing the mystical happenings in their lives. Since that recognition I have discovered a wonderful excitement about embracing new experiences and developed a greater awareness that we are all one in spirit, all a spark of the Divine. I am thankful that I awakened to the opportunity being offered to me and that spirit provides constant guidance.

I have for many years been fascinated with the concept of reincarnation. As a child I used to ask my mother, how can it be possible that we only have one life as there is so much to learn and not enough time? Since my past life experiences, I now have a firm belief in reincarnation. This book provides readers with some information related to reincarnation, karma, past lives, meditation, spiritual transformation, prayer, spirit guides and angels; and I include some of my personal thoughts about death and grief. As well, friends and acquaintances have entrusted me with a number of fascinating true stories about psychic phenomena they have experienced and, in some cases, the consequent impact of spiritual transformation within their own lives. As you turn the pages of this book we all hope that you will sense the love and joy we experienced in preparing it for you.

Making Holidays Special: Simple Traditions to Strengthen Family Ties and Deepen Spiritual Connections - Celeste Perrino Walker 2003

Amazon Synopsis: Celeste Perrino Walker. Here's a creative collection of Adventist holiday traditions for you to enjoy and share, from New Year's Day to Christmas, and every celebration in between! In these pages you will find heartwarming stories, creative activities, delicious recipes, and lots of simple heartfelt ways to show your own loved ones just how much you care.

One – Richard Bach 1989

Amazon Synopsis: I gave my life to become the person I am right now. Was it worth it?

Our Spiritual Connection - Tom Greene 1994

Amazon Synopsis: "I found this very good and easy reading, clearly a cut above most articles and books written around these issues. In this thoughtful work the authors address complex issues in a gentle way and help us to trust our own deep resources for a compassionate understanding of ourselves and others. It is not presumptuous, sanctimonious, or arrogant, nor so generalized to be meaningless. -- Lawrence Tirnauer, Ph.D., Past President, American Academy of Psychotherapists

The Principle of Spiritual Economy in Connection With Questions of Reincarnation: An Aspect of the Spiritual Guidance of Man - Rudolf Steiner 1986

Amazon Synopsis: These eleven talks reveal a particular aspect of how humankind have been guided spiritually throughout history—by the life forces and astral bodies of the great initiates and avatars that were preserved, duplicated, and interwoven with the leading personalities of history. Steiner gives numerous examples of this process, but he says that such inspired people are rare today. Nevertheless, we have the possibility of elevating ourselves in the future to the point where we can receive into ourselves the "I-being" of the Christ, which is indeed our greatest goal—"not I but Christ in me."

Refreshment in the Desert: Spiritual Connections in Daily Life - Gilbert Padilla 1986

The Spiritual Connection: Values, Faith, and Psychotherapy - Benjamin B. Conley 2001

From the Forward: Conley examines the basic assumptions by which we live. He spells out the impact of examining those assumptions in a therapeutic relationship. He brings a subtle and penetrating perceptivity to the discussion, keeping in mind the whole as well as the parts in his presentation. His comments on the relationship between values and spirituality break new ground, as do his thoughts on psychotherapy and faith. He illuminates the links between values and faith on the one hand, and therapeutic method on the other, as he turns theory into practice.

In an era when mental health professionals, among others, are becoming aware of the necessity for a re-examination of the topic of spirituality and values, this book will be of great interest to all who seek to be both informed and reflective with regard to the fundamentals of psychotherapy, healing, and spirituality, that is, growth in the context of wholeness.

The actual or potential client, the student-in-training, the professional therapist, the practical theologian, the clinical supervisor, the teacher; each will be interested in the material presented in this book. The book should be required reading in all programs of counselor training, regardless of profession or specialization.

This material is most timely. We are experiencing a period of history characterized by a re-thinking of context. The shift in cosmologies brought about by technology has raised the question of value premises (basic assumptions) with considerable force. Coping with this new context entails consciousness raising and reflective thought concerning globalization, inter-cultural and techno-logical communication, that is, cultural as well as individual values.

Spiritual Connections: How to Find Spirituality in Relationships – Sylvia Browne 2007

Amazon Synopsis: Why are some relationships harmonious, lifelong unions and others simply catastrophic and tragic? Internationally renowned psychic Sylvia Browne examines why we form our relationships with certain individuals, for better or for worse. From the lifelong connection of a loving marriage to the short and bitter agony of a brief encounter leading to divorce and heartache, from childhood experiences to the golden years, Browne takes readers on a remarkable excursion that covers all the different relationships we encounter in life.

She reveals why we have joyful and happy relationships on the one hand and chaotic, hateful and painful ones on the other. She also explores how our lives can interact with others in both positive and negative ways, creating either lifelong love or friendship or a situation doomed for disaster. Browne enables readers to come to a true understanding of why we have certain compulsions and attractions for some people while being totally repulsed by others. By utilizing her marvellous insights, readers can learn how to cultivate relationships in order to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Trustworthy Connections: Interpersonal Issues in Spiritual Direction - Anne Winchell Silver 2004

Amazon Synopsis: Although God is at the center of the process of spiritual direction, the more readily visible participants are human beings. Like all other people, directors and directees are subject to relationship dynamics. Trustworthy Connections identifies some issues and challenges that can arise in spiritual direction relationships and offers resources for further consideration and reflection. The topics and examples are focused on traditional one–to–one, face–to–face spiritual direction, although some are also relevant to group direction and direction by correspondence. Trustworthy Connections is designed for use as a reference and a springboard for discussion for spiritual directors and anyone else who is interested in spiritual direction. Like the process of spiritual direction itself, this book is about asking questions, discussing ideas, and suggesting alternatives rather than giving advice or getting answers.

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