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A Dictionary of Symbols - J. E. Cirlot 2011

Amazon Synopsis: A valuable reference, this informative and entertaining volume presents a key to elucidating the symbolic worlds encountered in both the arts and the history of ideas. Alphabetical entries clarify essential meanings of each symbol, as drawn from religion, astrology, alchemy, numerology, other sources. 32 black-and-white illustrations.


Anatomy of the Psyche - Edward F. Edinger 1991

Synopsis: "Edinger has greatly enriched my understanding of psychology through the avenue of alchemy. No other contribution has been as helpful as this for revealing, in a word, the anatomy of the psyche and how it applies to where one is in his or her process. This is a significant amplification and extension of Jung's work. Two hundred years from now, it will still be a useful handbook and an inspiring aid to those who care about individuation". -- Psychological Perspectives


An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols - J. C. Cooper 1987

Amazon Synopsis: In nearly 1500 entries, many of them strikingly and often surprisingly illustrated, J. C. Cooper has documented the history and evolution of symbols from prehistory to our own day.

With over 200 illustrations and lively, informative and often ironic texts, she discusses and explains an enormous variety of symbols extending from the Arctic to Dahomey, from the Iroquois to Oceana, and coming from systems as diverse as Tao, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Tantra, the cult of Cybele and the Great Goddess, the Pre-Columbian religions of the Western Hemisphere and the Voodoo cults of Brazil and West Africa. 210 black-and-white illustrations.


Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism - Thomas Inman & John Newton 1875 Read online and download


Archetypes - Caroline Myss 2013

Amazon Synopsis: Archetypes, the latest work from New York Times best-selling author Caroline Myss, offers readers an engaging and illuminating way to better understand themselves and those closest to them. 

Whether we’re aware of it or not, each of us identifies with certain universal myths and symbols, otherwise known as Archetypes. In this new work, Myss covers ten primary archetypes: Caregiver, Artist, Fashionista, Intellectual, Rebel, Queen/Executive, Advocate, Visionary, Athlete, and Spiritual Seeker. She helps us to determine which archetypes best define us as individuals, laying out each archetype’s unique path, hidden strengths, and potential weaknesses. By identifying our personal archetypes, we can gain the knowledge necessary to consciously define and live an authentic life that reflects who we really are. Myss also includes suggestions for embracing one’s archetype to the fullest, providing tools for avoiding common pitfalls and daily practices for enhancing the positive qualities of each archetype. In addition to the ten archetypes above, there’s a glossary covering more than 20 sub-archetypes. 

Much like highly popular books on the enneagram, Myers & Briggs, and astrology, which also allow people to type themselves, Archetypes is destined to become a classic. Its publication is set to coincide with the launch of a major new social platform,, where users can take a quiz to discover their archetype and find an individualized experience around content and community.


Archetypes & Strange Attractors: The Chaotic World of Symbols  - John R. Van Eenwyk 1997

Book Jacket: How can we deal with the chaos that inevitably infects our lives? Perhaps more to the point, shouldn’t we strive to eliminate it? Isn’t chaos a sign that things have gone terribly wrong? Not necessarily. Carl Jung believed that psychological development proceeds according to the influence of symbols in our lives. In stripping us of our old points of view so that growth can occur, symbols invariably feel chaotic. That’s Jung’s theory, but until recently there was little in the hard sciences to back him up. Now, with the advent of chaos theory, there is new support for his perspective.

In accepting that chaos can be creative as well as destructive, we are challenged to revision our basic notions of psychic health and to enter into a new dialogue with the forces of change. JOHN R. VAN EENWYK, Ph.D., is a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute in Chicago. He is a priest in the Episcopal Church and a clinical supervisor at the Medical School of the University of Washington. He has lectured internationally on the subject of this book and on the treatment of torture survivors.


Biblical Dream Symbols Dictionary - Tyler Wolfe 2012

Amazon Synopsis: The most comprehensive, Biblically based dream symbols dictionary available today. Designed by Christians for Christian dream interpreters. Over 1,600 dream symbols defined and referenced with scripture.

The Book Of Symbols: Reflections On Archetypal Images - Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism, ARAS 2010

Amazon Synopsis:

Reflections on symbols and symbolic imagery
The Book of Symbols combines original and incisive essays about particular symbols with representative images from all parts of the world and all eras of history. The Book of Symbols combines original and incisive essays about particular symbols with representative images from all parts of the world and all eras of history.

The highly readable texts and almost 800 beautiful full-color images come together in a unique way to convey hidden dimensions of meaning. Each of the c. 350 essays examines a given symbol's psychic background, and how it evokes psychic processes and dynamics. Etymological roots, the play of opposites, paradox and shadow, the ways in which diverse cultures have engaged a symbolic image—all these factors are taken into consideration.

Authored by writers from the fields of psychology, religion, art, literature and comparative myth, the essays flow into each other in ways that mirror the psyche's unexpected convergences. There are no pat definitions of the kind
that tend to collapse a symbol; a still vital symbol remains partially unknown, compels our attention and unfolds in new meanings and manifestations over time. Rather than merely categorize, The Book of Symbols illuminates how to move from the visual experience of a symbolic image in art, religion, life, or dreams, to directly experiencing its personal and psychological resonance.

The Book of Symbols sets new standards for thoughtful exploration of symbols and their meanings, and will appeal to a wide range of readers: artists, designers, dreamers and dream interpreters, psychotherapists, self-helpers, gamers, comic book readers, religious and spiritual searchers, writers, students, and anyone curious about the power of archetypal images.


Complex/Archetype/Symbol in the Psychology of C.G. Jung  - Jolande Jacobi 1971

Amazon Synopsis: As an associate of C. G. Jung for many years, Jolande Jacobi is in a unique position to provide an interpretation of his work. In this volume, Dr. Jacobi presents a study of three central, interrelated concepts in analytical psychology: the individual complex, the universal archetype, and the dynamic symbol.


Dictionary of Symbolism: Cultural Icons and the Meanings Behind Them - Hans Biedermann and James Hulbert 1994

Amazon Synopsis: This encyclopedic guide explores the rich and varied meanings of more than 2,000 symbols—from amethyst to Zodiac.


Encyclopedia of World Mythology – Royce Publications 1975


Illustrated Book of Signs & Symbols - Miranda Bruce-Mitford 1996

Amazon Synopsis: This stunning illustrated guide to more than 2,000 signs and symbols covers the arts, religions, and folklore of cultures across the world.


Man and His Symbols – Carl G. Jung 1968

Amazon Synopsis: Illustrated throughout with revealing images, this is the first and only work in which the world-famous Swiss psychologist explains to the layperson his enormously influential theory of symbolism as revealed in dreams.


Man: Grand Symbol of the Mysteries - Manly P. Hall

Middle Eastern Mythology – S.H. Hooke 2008

Amazon Synopsis: The role of mythology in ritual and in the origins of customs, cults, and hero worship are the fascinating areas covered by this comparative survey. It discusses legends of the Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Hittites, and Canaanites, plus mythological elements of the Jewish apocalyptic literature and the New Testament.


Myths Dreams and Religion: Eleven Visions of Connection – Joseph Campbell, editor 2011

Book Jacket: In this volume, five theologians, three psychiatrists, two scholars of Asian civilization, and one comparative mythologist offer essays written independently, yet mysteriously complementary, and arranged by editor Joseph Campbell "in such a way that if read in sequence there will follow a fairly orderly progression of thought, from one to the next."


New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology – Translated by Richard Aldington & Delano Ames 1987

Amazon Synopsis: Here, in all their wonder and splendor, are the Mythologies of Mankind.. from pre-biblical Egypt and pre-Homeric Greece to the farthest researches of Africa, the Orient, the Pacific and the Americas.. all gathered into one mammoth volume of unprecedented scope and beauty, and illustrated with an incomparable scope and beauty, and illustrated with an incomparable assemblage of authentic paintings, sculpture, symbols, idols, ritual and sacrificial objects, many rarely seen by modern Western eyes.

This monumental work is the first complete encyclopedia of world anthology. Originally published in France by the famous house of Larousse, it contains of course all the well-loved myths of Classical Antiquity. But more than half the book is devoted to the strange and unfamiliar mythologies of civilizations...from Peru to Persia, from Tahiti to Togoland. Nearly 600 Illustrations.


The New Secret Language of Symbols: An Illustrated Key to Unlocking Their Deep and Hidden Meanings - David Fontana 2010

Amazon Synopsis: What role has the dragon played in mythology? What is the symbolism of sacred geometry? The New Secret Language of Symbols will satisfy today’s appetite for unpacking the layers of meaning that exist below the surface of many works of art or architecture. A look at the cultural and psychological explanations of symbols—including the Jungian idea of the collective unconscious—sets the stage for the huge heart of the book: hundreds of symbols, presented theme by theme, with in-depth interpretations. Collective subjects such as Fruits, Weapons, and Insects are supplemented by mini-directory listings.

A final section provides an overview of the most symbol-rich cultures, religions, esoteric groups, or systems, ranging from ancient Egypt and Hinduism to the Freemasons and the Tarot. Each topic centers around a multilayered artifact or image, which is fully analyzed and decoded until its deepest meanings are revealed. 


1,001 Symbols: An Illustrated Guide to Imagery and Its Meaning - Jack Tresidder 2004

Amazon Synopsis: Pleasingly chunky and vibrantly colorful, this pocket-sized compendium covers iconography from around the world and is perfect for travel and museum outings. Author Jack Tresidder examines common imagery in art, religion, and literature, revealing hidden meanings rich with cultural history. For example, did you know that the phrase "salt of the earth" comes from the ancient use of salt as a preservative and the associated idea of incorruptibility? There is a symbol for virtually every human emotion and 1,001 Symbols helps us unlock them in a winning format that's proven as popular as its subject.


The Power of Myth – Joseph Campbell 1991

Amazon Synopsis: Finally available in a popularly priced,  non-illustrated, smaller-format edition, which is ideal  for the college market and general reader alike,  this extraordinary best-seller is a brilliant  evocation of the noted scholar's teachings on mythology.


Rosicrucian Mystic Symbols And Their Meanings - H. Spencer Lewis  2010

Synopsis: 14 pgs. Reprinting of an earlier work. Extracted from the book, Rosicrucian Manual.

The Secret Language of Symbols: A Visual Key to Symbols Their Meanings - David Fontana 1994

Amazon Synopsis: This credible, highly readable, and vividly illustrated encyclopedic volume traces the origins and evolution of hundreds of symbols and symbol systems that have impacted human culture, history, art, and psychology since the dawn of time. From the I Ching and the Chakras to the Tarot and the Zodiac; from mythical beasts and magical numbers to heraldic shields and geometric shapes, author and psychologist David Fontana identifies symbols from around the world and draws upon his experience with dream workshops and meditation to help readers deepen their understanding and appreciation of these intriguing icons. Relevant, compelling, and visually appealing, The Secret Language of Symbols is a unique and practical reference tool, as well as an inspiring guide to the images that give meaning to our everyday lives.


Signs and Symbols - DK Publishing and Miranda Bruce-Mitford 2008

Amazon Synopsis: Why is a flag at half-mast a symbol of mourning? Why do brides in the West traditionally wear white, while Asian cultures associate this color with death? Discover answers to these and other mystifying questions in Signs & Symbols, a fully-illustrated guide that helps unlock the secret language of the signs, symbols, and traditions around us. A rich source of information for readers of all ages, this book is divided into two sections, first looking at major sources of symbols (basic shapes, colors and numbers, the natural world), then, placing symbols in context of mythologies and religions, the human life cycle, people and culture, and symbol systems. Clear cross-referencing illuminates connections between symbols, while beautiful artwork and photography make this a collector's edition to treasure.


Signs and Symbols: Their Design and Meaning - Adrian Frutiger, Andrew Bluhm, Translator 1989


Signs, Symbols & Omens: An Illustrated Guide to Magical & Spiritual Symbolism - Buckland, Raymond 2003

As human beings, we live in a world of symbols. From traffic signs to the very letters that comprise these words, symbols are woven into every aspect of daily life. Since prehistoric times humans have used symbolic representation to communicate with each other and with the divine.

In Signs, Symbols & Omens, leading occult authority Ray Buckland describes the form and meaning of over 800 symbols from ancient and modern religions, magical traditions, and indigenous cultures around the world:

  • Alchemy
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Astrology
  • Australian Aborigines
  • Aztec and Mayan
  • Buddhist
  • Celtic
  • Ceremonial Magic
  • Chinese
  • Christian
  • Freemasonry
  • Gnostic
  • Greek and Roman
  • Hindu
  • Islam
  • Judaic
  • Magical Alphabets
  • Native American
  • Norse
  • Rosicrucian
  • Runic
  • Shinto
  • Sikh
  • Travelers
  • Voudoun
  • Witchcraft
  • Omens

Understand the symbols used throughout human history and gain a deeper appreciation for the depth of the human experience and the vast uncharted realm of the collective unconscious.


The Symbolism of Freemasonry Illustrating and Explaining Its Science and Philosophy, Its Legends, Myths and Symbols - Albert Gallatin Mackey 2012

First published in 1882.  Read online or download


Symbols and Their Hidden Meanings - T. A Kenner 2010

Amazon Synopsis: We are surrounded, at all times, by layer upon layer of hidden meaning. Our world is constructed out of symbolic abstractions, each one with its own assumptions and messages that speak to us on the deepest levels. Some are banal, designed to be obvious even at a conscious level, like arrows pointing the way. Others are manipulative, like the towering height of a cathedral nave, meant to inspire religious awe. Some are mysterious, occluded, left as messages and signposts to the few who knew how to read them, such as the traditional alchemical teachings of the Rose Cross, or Bernini's depiction of the Ecstasy of St Theresa. From the heights of religious art to the cultural depths of gang tattoos, hidden meaning is encoded into every aspect of society. "Symbols and Their Hidden Meanings" explores this hidden world, looking at over 100 of the most powerful, evocative, and mysterious and exciting symbolic skeins in the world today.


Symbols and Their Meaning - Rudolph F. Norden 1985

64 pages.

Symbols and Their Meanings: The Illustrated Guide to More Than 1,000 Symbols -- Their Traditional and Contemporary Meanings - Jack Tresidder 2000

Amazon Synopsis: Some of the most familiar icons we see around us every day--things we associate with luck or longevity, religion and magic--had deeper, more fascinating meanings at their inception. Since symbols predate writing as a way of communication, they became, for humanity, visual shorthand. Plants and animals, patterns and graphics, the cosmos, the human body--they each have played a significant part in the profound messages sent throughout the centuries. Complete with a reference section covering the major symbol systems, this volume offers a look at how symbolism constantly renews itself as a way for different cultures to give significance to human life.


Symbols and the Self – Violet Shelley 1971

Synopsis: A  67 page booklet put out by the ARE that highlights what the Cayce readings have to say about symbols.

Contents: Symbols - Signposts to Insight, Symbols as Keys: Graphics and Numbers, Symbols of the Planets, Aura, Charts as Records: Aura Chart for a Homemaker, Symbols Often Found in Aura Charts, Life Seals as Reminders: Seals as Keys to Vocation, The Symbol-minded Self, Biography.


SYMBOLS, MEANING, AND THE SACRED QUEST: Spiritual Awakening in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Stories - Andrew Cort 2011

Are you on a personal spiritual quest? Then this book is for you.

Would you like to discover the ‘How To’ lessons for Spiritual Awakening that lie hidden in the wonderful myths and legends of the Western Tradition? Then this book is for you.

Are you fed up with bigotry and violence? In a world where religious differences often trigger hatred and war, here is a book that celebrates the Beauty, Decency, Wisdom and Unity of all our traditions. If you're seeking a world of peace, love and friendship, then this book is for you.

And if you're looking for hours of pleasure and entertainment as you discover and rediscover the splendid spiritual stories from around the world, this book is for you!

The real purpose of these stories is not to supply a questionable historical narrative, or to teach smarmy moral rules that no one can follow, or to command its followers to believe a lot of fantastic claims that defy all scientific logic!

Their real purpose is to present a great Wisdom Teaching – through Allegory, Symbol and Metaphor – that teaches our soul the inner psychological and spiritual steps that must be taken to achieve spiritual awakening. For example, the entire story of the "Return to the Promised Land" is a symbolic explanation of the soul's return from inner material slavery (which the Hebrew Bible calls "Egypt") to spiritual freedom and enlightenment (symbolized as "Canaan"). The story might be called the Quest for the Holy Grail, Muhammad's Journey to the 7 Heavens, or a host of other names. The esoteric meaning is universal.

But the stories are written in a perplexing symbolic code that requires a Key. Otherwise, they appear to be little more than unverified historical claims, punctuated with improbable miracles, and teeming with violence, cruelty and hopeless demands for an inconsistent and unrealistic morality. Fortunately, a key still exists in our time. A key to understanding the symbolism of ancient Myth and Scripture can still be found in many of the writings of Plato and several other early philosophers.

You will find the ‘Key’ in "Symbols, Meaning, and the Sacred Quest". As a result, you will read the spell-binding ancient stories with new eyes, new ears, and a new heart!


Transformations of Myth through Time – Joseph Campbell 1990

Amazon Synopsis: The renowned master of mythology is at his warm, accessible, and brilliant best in this illustrated collection of thirteen lectures covering mythological development around the world.

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