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Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck - Aleister Crowley 2012

Amazon Synopsis: The magnificent Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck contains the kabbalistic and astrological attributions described in Aleister Crowley's The Book of Thoth. The Crowley Thoth Tarot Decks currently available are published by AGMuller and distributed by U. S. Games Systems, Inc.

The Complete Guide to the Tarot - Eden Gray 1982

Amazon Synopsis: For centuries, the strange and beautiful tarot cards have been an endless source of mystery and fascination. One of the foremost authorities in the field reveals the intricacies of this ancient art. With detailed explanations, Eden Gray offers explicit advice about the three different methods of reading the cards, and using the tarot for divination and meditation. Both beginning students and advanced devotee will find in this book new insights into the ancient lore of the tarot.

The Crowley Tarot: The Handbook to the Cards - Hajo Banzhaf 2003

Amazon Synopsis: An extensive book of interpretation for the Crowley Tarot cards-easy to understand for the beginner, inspiring for the expert.

Everyday Tarot: Using the Cards to Make Better Life Decisions – Gail Fairfield 1997 Formerly – Choice-Centered Tarot

Book Jacket: Everyday Tarot is an accessible thorough introduction to the tarot. This book also focuses on the psychological meanings found in the symbolism of the cards. And rather than simply predicting a future in which we have little choice, Gail's guidelines lead readers to powerful insights and greater self-understanding. Also offered are tips on choosing the right deck, designing layouts and giving accurate readings to groups and individuals.

Feng Shui Tarot Deck & Book Set - Eileen Connolly and Peter Paul Connolly 2005

Deck Description: The Feng Shui Tarot deck combines the traditional elements of tarot with the ancient Chinese wisdom, spiritual belief, and principles of Form School Feng Shui (balancing environment, surroundings, materials, and colors.) Feng Shui is based on the philosophy that the flow of energy (or "chi") can be directed in certain ways by optimal placement of iterms large and small to balance yin and yang, thus creating a more favorable environment for the people in that space. This remarkable deck is designed to give a tarot reading with the meanings of the cards delineated by beautiful visual images of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Tarot Book - Eileen Connolly and Peter Paul Connolly 2005

The Fool's Pilgrimage: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tarot - Stephan A. Hoeller 2004

Amazon Synopsis: Stephan Hoeller's handbook for heightening consciousness is unrivaled for its clarity in explaining the ancient mystical Kabbalah in relation to the Tarot's Major Arcana. On the new enclosed CD, Dr. Hoeller narrages twenty-two meditations to guide the reader easily into a contemplative state.

The Haindl Tarot: A Reader’s Handbook - Rachel Pollack 1999

Amazon Synopsis: Haindl Tarot connects the spiritual traditions of many cultures to real experiences and to the sacred wonder of the earth. In this book Rachel Pollack explores the cards with detailed descriptions, elaborations on the process of reading tarot, and several new and traditional card spreads.

How to Channel from the Akashic Records When You Are Reading Tarot Cards - Rozália Horváth Balázsi 2008

Book Jacket: This book provides 3 levels of understanding about the Mysteries of the Tarot World. The first level is for those who simply want to know how to read the tarot cards from the first spread, and nothing else. Kristy, Brisbane Australia (aged 25) - "I found that learning to read my cards from the book was straightforward and simple. It took me just a short time to read my cards. I felt that this was the best and easiest reading that I did on myself. It wasn’t confusing."

The second level is for those who wish to learn to see clairvoyantly, channel and communicate with the Ascended Masters and their Archangels. Geraldine, Brisbane 2007 - "I found this book very user friendly, it is clear and easy to read and it contains really comprehensive definitions of the Major and Minor Arcana, and the reference to other card placements. I now use Rozália’s book to aid all my readings which seem to have grown deeper and more edifying. I feel this book would be invaluable for anyone wanting to get a deeper understanding and grounding in tarot reading."

And the third level is for those who wish to channel; Past Lives – Present – and Future events from the Akashic Records when you are reading the tarot cards. Teresa Iaia, Sydney 2006 - "I have purchased many Tarot reading books over many years. Your book is the first in my collection that has expressed the individual card meaning as they fall into each of The Celtic Cross placements. I have found each of these references in your 'Cards Directory' invaluable. I particularly applaud your short, direct description of each card, including reverse meaning."

Bonnie Cehovet TE, USA 2007 - "This book is a gift to the Tarot World. If the reader is willing to step up and access the esoteric side of the art, then whole new worlds will open up to you!"

Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey - Sallie Nichols 1980

Amazon Synopsis: Highly innovative work presenting a piercing interpretation of the tarot in terms of Jungian psychology. Through analogy with the humanities, mythology and the graphic arts, the significance of the cards is related to personal growth and individuation. The major arcana becomes a map of life, and the hero's journey becomes something that each individual can relate to the symbolism of the cards and therefore to the personal life.

Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners – Joan Bunning 1998

Amazon Synopsis: Learning the Tarot is a complete course on how to use the tarot cards for personal guidance. The 19 lessons in the course cover the basics and then move gradually into more advanced concepts. Exercises and sample responses for each lesson help you learn and practice. For simplicity, only one easy layout is used throughout the course - the Celtic Cross Spread. Learning the Tarot focuses in detail on the actual process of discovering meaning in the cards. Lessons cover topics such as how to consider one card by itself, how to look for card pairs, and how to create the "story" of a reading.

A convenient reference section contains two pages of information for each card including a picture from the popular Waite deck, a description, keywords, action phrases and suggestions for cards with similar and opposite meanings.

Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess through Myth, Art, and Tarot – Vicki Noble 1994

Amazon Synopsis: For over a decade, Motherpeace has been an inspiration and oracle for women all over the world. Motherpeace recovers the positive, nurturing peace-oriented values of prepatriarchal times, and brilliantly combines art, history, mythology, folklore, philosophy, and comparative religion with an informed spiritual and feminist perspective.

Vicki Noble challenges us to celebrate our ancient peaceful heritage and to reclaim our right as a people to a life without war. The book is a vision of hope and transformation, made even more powerful by the vibrant pictorial images of the seventy-eight Motherpeace tarot cards.

Motherpeace shows how traditional myths and symbols can provide ideas and images for understanding the meaning and power of the Goddess for women and men today.

Psychic Tarot: Illustrated With the Aquarian Tarot Deck - Craig Junjulas 1985

Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot – Rachel Pollack 1998

Weiser Books Synopsis: A top tarotist's secrets to personal growth, one card at a time. The two volumes of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom have inspired a whole generation of tarot students. It has often been described by readers, booksellers, and teachers as the "Bible of tarot readers." It is also often cited as one of the landmark books in modern tarot, and it helped to launch the "Tarot Renaissance" of the 1980s. The two texts-one for The Major Arcana and one for The Minor Arcana--appear together in this volume, which is a reissue of the 1998 edition first published by Thorsons. Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom draws on mythology and esoteric traditions and delves deeply into the symbolism and ideas of each card. It also gives the cards a modern psychological slant based on the pictures rather than a system of occult symbolism. This endlessly useful reference tool provides a concise history of tarot, introduces common spreads, and is a clear and readable book for both the beginning and advanced tarot student.

The Tarot Bible: The Definitive Guide to the Cards and Spreads - Sarah Bartlett 2006

Amazon Synopsis: Starting with the basics—choosing the best pack, understanding the deck and its structure, asking the right questions—this comprehensive guide to working with Tarot provides all the information needed to do a full reading. On colorfully, sumptuously illustrated pages unfold the mysteries of each card’s symbolic meaning. From the Magician to the Fool, the Lovers to the Hermit, every beautifully presented entry features a picture of the card, as well as keywords and phrases, astrological affinities, and a full interpretation. In-depth advice on laying out spreads for every day, relationships, revelations, and destiny help unlock the secrets of the past, present, and future. With everything from historical background to smart tips for developing skills and knowledge, this truly is the Tarot bible newcomers can depend on!

Tarot: A New Handbook for the Apprentice, Classic Edition – Eileen Connelly 2008

Amazon Synopsis: The Tarot has long been known to contain the accumulated secrets of the universe in esoteric symbology. In order to decipher the true meaning of these symbols, the student must approach the Tarot with an open mind and an open spirit.

This new approach to the study of the Tarot provides a clear but profound method of exploring and discovering your own inner depths, a necessary prerequisite to a thorough understanding of the ancient symbols. In addition, this handbook relates the Tarot to other occult sciences such as astrology, the cabala, and numerology. Here you will find basic lessons and exercises, procedures, and fundamental esoteric philosophy which will open up new dimensions to the inquiring mind, and allow you to fully comprehend the tarot and its powers of enlightenment and divination.

Tarot: The Handbook for the Journeyman - Eileen Connolly 1987

Amazon Synopsis: In this second volume of Eileen Connolly's best-selling Connolly Tarot series, the student advances on the upward path from apprentice to journeyman, and the tarot-as-oracle blooms with depth, detail, power and light.

Eileen Connolly offers new and practical techniques for rich and detailed readings, including material never before offered in any book on tarot. Her new conjunction concept provides deeper insights for establishing the time of influences and events; she shows how to use tile focusing power of crystals and presents many new and exciting spreads for exploring the details of both karmic and mundane issues.

Tarot: The First Handbook for the Master - Eileen Connolly 1996

Amazon Synopsis: Fully illustrated with the Connolly Tarot deck, this groundbreaking guidebook contains the results of a lifetime of Dr. Connolly's research into the ancient concept of the Tarot. Her purpose is to aid the master student in uncovering the karmic force or purpose of intimate relationships, comprehending life's obstacles, and attaining a true understanding of one's soul and others' souls.

The mysterious forces of karma are penetrated in these pages, as they unveil a unique focus on life's journey:

  • Malkuthian Keys, which reveal the impact of karma and why all serious students need them to fully realize their karmic fate.
  • Karmlc Crossroads, and the hidden wisdom that defines the karmic law one has to master in life.
  • Verification cards for every aspect of the Master Tarot Spreads.
  • Connolly Chronicles, which open every verification in the Spreads.
  • Liplkas, or pertinent obstacles to overcome in the next ten calendar months

Tarot for Your Self : A Workbook for Personal Transformation – Mary K. Greer 2002

Amazon Synopsis: Originally published in 1984, this classic is the first book to explore and promote the concept of reading the cards for personal insight-for yourself-with detailed instructions how to do so. The exercises can be enjoyed by an individual or shared with others, making it a popular text for classes and study groups. It uses meditations, rituals, spreads, mandalas, visualizations, dialogues, charts, affirmations, and other activities to help you establish your own relationship with the cards. It offers the best in traditional knowledge and know-how. Learn the many variations of three card spreads and ways of moving around the cards in the Celtic Cross Spread to get far more information than you thought possible. Use Mary Greer's powerful "breakthrough process" with all your readings to turn them into truly transformative experiences.

Tarot Games: 45 Playful Ways to Explore Tarot Cards Together – Cait Johnson 1994

Amazon Synopsis: A unique, gorgeously illustrated guide to dozens of games--for divination, personal growth, and solitary or communal fun--that can be played with any tarot deck.

The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols –Angeles Arrien 1997

Amazon Synopsis: In this updated edition of The Tarot Handbook, now with a new introduction by the author, Angeles Arrien takes tarot beyond the limits of the fortune-telling realm and shows us how this time-honored application is both a visual and symbolic map of consciousness, and a source of ancient wisdom. An exciting handbook for either a beginning or an ardent student of the tarot, it contains a multitude of charts, spreads, illustrations of the Thoth Deck, and other methodology tools for anyone looking for insights into personal and spiritual development.

An anthropologist who specializes in cross-cultural myths, Arrien demonstrates how the seventy-eight figures of the tarot are portraitures and archetypes that are prevalent in the collective human experience. The author teaches us to use this realization to look beyond our cultural viewpoint or bias when we approach the tarot, and to rely instead on these more important universal principles, thereby deepening the quality and accuracy of our interpretations and expanding our awareness of the human psyche. A significant and classic piece of tarot literature, The Tarot Handbook is both a required manual for teachers and students of the subject, and an accessible and fascinating exploration of cultural anthropology.

The Tarot: History, Mystery, and Lore – Cynthia Giles 1994

Synopsis: With more than 40 illustrations and an entertaining informative text, this elegantly designed book captures the scope, powers, and romance of the Tarot throughout the ages. "Excellently researched, entertainingly and compellingly written". -Booklist.

Tarot Made Easy – Nancy Garen 1989

Amazon Synopsis: Here is a real breakthrough in interpreting the tarot!

If you've ever been intrigued by the tarot but were confounded by the complexities of multi-card spreads and the vague interpretations given in most books, this is the guide for you.

With Tarot Made Easy you can easily interpret the meaning of any card and apply it to the particular circumstances of your life. With the simple process outlined here, you need only choose one tarot card and then consult one (or several) of the 32 categories listed under each card -- including Romance, Travel, Career, Finances, Friends, and Special Guidance -- to discover the card's specific message for you.

For example, if you want to know about your romantic future and the Queen of Cups turns up, you may find that the standard description given is "an honest, devoted woman; loving intelligence and happiness." How should you interpret this? But with Tarot Made Easy, the Queen of Cups Romance category tells you that "someone will enter your life in whom you will be very interested...and you will meet this person very close to your home, if not outside your front door." This easy but accurate system banishes the vague interpretations found in most books and gives you the immediate, specific insights you need.

Tarot Mirrors: Reflections of Personal Meaning – Mary K. Greer 1988

Amazon Synopsis: Tarot Mirrors is the third volume of Mary Greer's best selling Tarot Cycle, which began with Tarot for Your Self. In this volume she shows how to use the mirroring qualities of the Tarot to examine one's life and to create a doorway to other realms of possibility.

Tarot Mirrors incorporates the work of 19th century French Taroist, Papus, and Jane Roberts' channeled wisdom from Seth with Ms. Greer's own approach to Tarot as a tool for self-realization. The result is an entirely new synthesis of Tarot knowledge with powerful new layouts and processes for creating one's own Easy Tarot Handbook – Josephine Ellershaw

The Tarot Reader – Nancy Shavick 1991

Amazon Synopsis: The Tarot cards have offered spiritual guidance throughout the centuries, shedding brilliant light on our hidden desires, our secret natures, our hearts and our souls. Now this enlightening companion volume to "The Tarot" by Nancy Shavick provides a wealth of new information on card reading - a wide range of new interpretations, revealing card combinations, and ten new Tarot spreads. "The Tarot Reader" is designed to uplift your spirit in times of personal crisis - and lead you on a journey of inner peace and discovery...

Tarot Revelations - Joseph Campbell, Richard Roberts and Colin Wilson 1987

Amazon Synopsis: Tarot Revelations is an analysis of the mysterious philosophy in the ancient cards that became modern playing cards. Citing Dante, C.G.Jung, and early Gnostics and alchemists, Campbell and Roberts reveal a path that has spiritual meaning for everyone. Writing in collaboration with Richard Roberts, Joseph Campbell stated, "We have come to revelations of a grandiose poetic vision of Universal Man that has been for centuries the inspiration of saints and sinners, sages and fools, in kaleidoscopic transformations." According to Richard Roberts, "In the 22 cards comprising the Major Arcana, we have a genuine document of the soul's initiation into higher consciousness. As such the Major Arcana may be interpreted as a Western Book of the Dead."

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