Books about Theosophy

The Ancient Wisdom – Annie Besant 2010

Amazon Synopsis: For those intimidated by Madame Blavatsky's massive and complex tome, The Secret Doctrine, Annie Besant presents the basic tenets of Theosophical thought in a concise, easy to digest format. While a much easier read, this book still delivers the full spectrum and depth of the Theosophical philosophy.   Free PDF 


Annie Besant: An Autobiography – Annie Besant 2007

Amazon Synopsis: Annie Wood Besant (1847-1933) was a prominent Theosophist, women's rights activist, writer and orator. She was born in 1847 in London into a middle-class family of Irish origin. She fought for the causes she thought were right, starting with freedom of thought, women's rights, secularism (she was a leading member of the National Secular Society), birth control, Fabian socialism and workers' rights. Soon she was earning a small weekly wage by writing a column for the National Reformer, the newspaper of the National Secular Society. She was one of the leading figures in Theosophy. Soon after becoming a member of the Theosophical Society she went to India for the first time (in 1893). She devoted much of her energy not only to the Society, but also to India's freedom and progress.

An Outline of Theosophy - C.W Leadbeater   PDF

A Textbook of Theosophy - C.W Leadbeater

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Elementary Theosophy – LW Rogers

From Preface: This book is written for those who are seeking an explanation of life and its purpose — those who are trying to fathom the "whence" and the "whither" of the human race. It is not a book of abstractions to delight the metaphysician. It is for the reader who is in quest of a solution of the mysteries of existence that is devoid of all technical terms and puzzling phrases.

The aim has been to make a very simple presentation of elementary Theosophy. It is certainly elementary throughout but, of course, the ground is not fully covered. The subject is too vast for that. Instead of attempting a complete and detailed exposition of elementary Theosophy, the plan has been

rather to discuss its fundamental principles from the viewpoint of "the man in the street."   Free PDF


Theosophy: An Introduction to the Spiritual Processes in Human Life and in the Cosmos – Rudolf Steiner 1994

Free PDF

The Elder Brother: A Biography of Charles Webster Leadbeater - Gregory Tillet 

Evolution of Life and Form - Annie Besant

Four Lectures delivered at the Twenty-third Anniversary Meeting of the Theosophical Society at Adyar, Madras, 1898.

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The Key to Theosophy - H.P. Blavatsky 1889Synopsis:  A Clear Exposition in the Form of Question and Answer of the Ethics, Science, and Philosophy for the Study of Which The Theosophical Society has been Founded.   PDF

London Lectures of 1907 - Annie Besant

Contents: Part I, Psychism and Spirituality, The Place of Masters in Religions, Theosophy and the Theosophical Society, Part II, The Place of Phenomena in the Theosophical Society, Spiritual and Temporal Authority, The Relation of the Masters to the Theosophical Society,The Future of the Theosophical Society, Part III, The Value of Theosophy in the World of Thought, Part IV,  The Field of Work of the Theosophical Society.    Read online or download free  


The Ocean Of Theosophy - William Q. Judge 1893

From Chapter One: Theosophy is that ocean of knowledge which spreads from shore to shore of the evolution of sentient beings; unfathomable in its deepest parts, it gives the greatest minds their fullest scope, yet, shallow enough at its shores, it will not overwhelm the understanding of a child. It is wisdom about God for those who believe that he is all things and in all, and wisdom about nature for the man who accepts the statement found in the Christian Bible that God cannot be measured or discovered, and that darkness is around his pavilion.  Although it contains by derivation the name God and thus may seem at first sight to embrace religion alone, it does not neglect science, for it is the science of sciences and therefore has been called the wisdom religion.   Free PDF


A Short History of the Theosophical Society - Compiled By Josephine Ransom

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