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My angels and guides have suggested that I offer some free 1-year memberships to seed my directory (have a few companies, organizations in each category).

We are looking to put up to five listings in each category and sub category. So tell us everything you do. If we have five in one area you may do something in another area that we still need to fill and will be eligible for both.

This would be a free listing for one year with all membership privileges.

This is a limited time offer...

The deadline to apply for this is 12:00 midnight Eastern Time, May 31, 2014

To take advantage of this offer please:

I will then send you an email requesting your 100px logo/photo. (Within the next week.) 

Our Visitors

The visitors to My Spiritual Place.com are spiritual seekers and people who are open to nondenominational spirituality.  Many people who are interested in spirituality, self-help, angels, psychic gifts, meditation, peace, a green planet, and healthy and peaceful lifestyles and products. They are interested in what might help them on their varied and individual spiritual paths.

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