Edgar Evans Cayce


Birthdate: February 9, 1918 - February 15, 2013

Edgar Evans Cayce is the youngest son of Edgar and Gertrude Cayce. As an author his interests have been chiefly on the subject of Atlantis and the Edgar Cayce readings.

He received a BS at Duke University in electrical engineering and serves on the board of trustees for Edgar Cayce’s organization the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

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Organizations and Projects

Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) website

The ARE, located in Virginia Beach, VA, houses the Edgar Cayce readings. On the website you can get information their conferences, study groups, bookstore, publishing house, Atlantic University courses, and find out where to order curative products mentioned in the readings. You can also take out a membership for savings in their products and conferences and receive their magazine, Venture Inward. You can also find out more about their online programs.


Edgar Cayce on Atlantis – Edgar Evans Cayce 1988

Amazon Synopsis: Drawing on his readings, and placed within the context of reincarnation, Edgar Evans Cayce offers evidence of the civilization of Atlantis - showing how its achievements and failures directly relate to the conflict and confusion of today.

The Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce's Power - Edgar Evans Cayce & Hugh Lynn Cayce 2004

Amazon Synopsis: Edgar Cayce, America's "sleeping prophet," was one of the most active and trusted psychics of the 20th century. Thousands of people relied on him for insights into their physical and emotional health, spiritual questions, business prospects, and dreams. His writings still inform us today. Cayce's readings were stunningly accurate -- about 85 percent of them hit the mark. But some cases seemed to be beyond his abilities. Why did his powers fail him at times -- if they in fact did? In "The Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce's Power," his sons, Edgar Evans Cayce and Hugh Lynn Cayce, investigate the questions that challenged the prophet's seemingly unlimited psychic abilities.

Mysteries of Atlantis - Douglas Richards, Edgar Evans Cayce & Gail Cayce Shwartzer 2007

Amazon Synopsis: Where Edgar Cayce predicted that evidence of the existence the lost civilization of Atlantis would be unearthed, new discoveries are being uncovered on a regular basis. In this updated edition. Experience the amazing journey to the waters of Bimini, to the hidden vaults of the Sphinx in search of new evidence that proves the existence of this ancient society lost in time. Using the wisdom of American visionary Edgar Cayce, the reader will discover shocking, new evidence about the destruction of Atlantis- and why striking parallels between our society and theirs could provide important lessons for our future. Now, armed with the psychic clues from Cayce and the latest findings from archeology, geology and anthropology, delve into one of the deepest mysteries of the human race and explore the mysteries of Atlantis.

Mysteries of Atlantis Revisited - Douglas Richards, Edgar Evans Cayce & Gail Cayce Shwartzer 1997

Amazon Synopsis: An Ancient Society Lost in Time...

The lost civilization of Atlantis, one of the most enduring controversies of all time, has haunted scientists and occultists, philosophers and skeptics alike for centuries-- but no conclusive evidence has ever been found.

The Deepest Mysteries of the Human Race...

American visionary Edgar Cayce died before he could explain his own theories, but he referred to Atlantis hundreds of times in his remarkably accurate "life readings." Now, armed with Cayce's psychic clues and the latest findings from archaeology, geology, and anthropology, three scholars have traveled the world in search of proof.

The Adventure Begins...

From the hidden vaults beneath the Sphinx to the coastal waters of Bimini, join them on their amazing voyage as they explore the wisdom of Edgar Cayce and discover shocking new evidence about the destruction of Atlantis-- and why striking parallels between our society and theirs could provide important lessons for the future.

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