Birthdate: 1875-1941

Evelyn Underhill was a British novelist, poet, and writer of books on Christian Spirituality and Mysticism. Her most popular work was Mysticism, still considered a classic today. She would spend her mornings writing and her afternoons visiting the poor. Many consider her a modern-day mystic.

Organizations and Projects

Evelyn Underhill Association website  

This is a website for the Evelyn Underhill Association which continues to promote the study and research of her ideas and her works. They publish a newsletter and plan and promote special events.




Abba – Evelyn Underhill 1982

Amazon Synopsis: The title of the book, Abba, is the term used in more than one place in the New Testament for addressing God as Father and it is with the ‘Our Father’ prayer that these meditations are concerned. At first sight it might be thought impossible to say anything fresh on something so familiar to all Christians as the Lord’s Prayer. Yet the inexhaustible depths of meaning to be found in it may, by the very fact of familiarity, all too easily escape notice and understanding.


Concerning the Inner Life - Evelyn Underhill 1999

Amazon Synopsis: An inspirational little book that offers invaluable advice on how to broaden our spiritual horizons and strengthen our inner resources.


Daily Readings with a Modern Mystic: Selections from the Writings of Evelyn Underhill - Delroy Oberg, Editor 1993


Evelyn Underhill: Essential Writings - Evelyn Underhill 2003


The Essentials of Mysticism: And Other Essays - Evelyn Underhill 1999

Amazon Synopsis: An enduring collection of articles that shows how we can unite practical concerns with a spiritual dimension.


Fruits of the Spirit - Evelyn Underhill 1982

Amazon Synopsis: Brief extracts from the Underhill book, Fruits of the Spirit, first published in 1942, the year after Underhill's death. Each of these brief pieces is actually a meditation on some aspect of the spiritual life, and makes excellent devotional reading.


Gray World - Evelyn Underhill 1942

Amazon Synopsis: Mystical narrative of a soul's adventure.


Lent With Evelyn Underhill: Selections from Her Writings - Edited by G.P. Mellick Belshaw  1990

Amazon Synopsis: A selection from Underhill's enduring devotional writings, chosen for their pertinence to Lenten themes.


Life As Prayer and Other Writings of Evelyn Underhill - Evelyn Underhill, Lucy Menzies, Editor 1991

Amazon Synopsis: This collection of writings on aspects of prayer and the vocation and spiritual outlook of teachers was produced by Underhill during the years 1922 to 1937. One of our age's great spiritual guides, she writes for those "dwellers in time who are yet capable of eternity." The Introduction gives an excellent overview of her work, readers new to this wise and eloquent teacher will find in this volume onlyu the beginning of the rich treasure awaiting them in her other books.


Mysticism Evelyn Underhill 1911

Amazon Synopsis: In this classic introduction to mysticism, Underhill draws on hundreds of sources to present a unique study of the mystical experience.   Read online

Mystics of the Church - Evelyn Underhill 1988

Amazon Synopsis: This little book only hints at the richness and variety of the material with which anyone who tries to tell the spiritual history of the Christian Church will have to muddle through. The author has selected a few of those mystical saints whose greatness is most closely connected with their dependence on and contribution to the family life of the household of faith.


Practical Mysticism: A Little Book for Normal People – Evelyn Underhill 1915

Synopsis: First published in Britain in 1914, just as England was thrown into the turmoil of the Great War, this serene, contemplative little work is as refreshing today as it must have been then, a reminder of the joys and benefits of the examined life even amidst a world in chaos.   Read online or download free

Ruysbroeck - Evelyn Underhill 2007

In the history of the spiritual adventures of man, we find at intervals certain great mystics, who appear to gather up and fuse together in the crucible of the heart the diverse tendencies of those who have preceded them, and, adding to these elements the tincture of their own rich experience, give to us an intensely personal, yet universal, vision of God and man. These are constructive spirits, whose creations in the spiritual sphere sum up and represent the best achievement of a whole epoch; as in other spheres the great artist, musician, or poet—always the child of tradition as well as of inspiration—may do.

John Ruysbroeck is such a mystic as this. His career, which covers the greater part of the fourteenth century—that golden age of Christian mysticism—seems to exhibit within the circle of a single personality, and carry up to a higher term than ever before, all the best attainments of the Middle Ages in the realm of Eternal Life. Rooted firmly in history, faithful to the teachings of the great Catholic mystics of the primitive and mediæval times, Ruysbroeck does not merely transmit, but transfigures, their principles: making from the salt, sulphur, and mercury of their vision, reason, and love, a new and living jewel—or, in his own words, a ‘sparkling stone’—which reflects the actual radiance of the Uncreated Light. Absorbing from the rich soil of the Middle Ages all the intellectual nourishment which he needs, dependent too, as all real greatness is, on the human environment in which he grows—that mysterious interaction and inter-penetration of personalities without which human consciousness can never develop its full powers—he towers up from the social and intellectual circumstances that conditioned him: a living, growing, unique and creative individual, yet truly a part of the earth from which he springs.   Read online or download free  

The School of Charity: Meditations on the Christian Creed - Evelyn Underhill 1991

Originally published in 1934.
PART ONE: I Believe One God, Creator One Lord
PART TWO: Incarnate Crucified Glorified
PART THREE: Spirit Church The World to Come


The Soul's Delight: Selected Writings of Evelyn Underhill - Keith Beasley-Topliffe, Editor 1999

Amazon Synopsis: Evelyn Underhill, a twentieth-century British spiritual writer and retreat leader, is widely known for her compelling exploration of the spiritual life. Underhill offers profoundly simple advice on opening oneself to God. Included here is a cross-section of her letters and her published retreat and radio talks.


The Spiritual Life (The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day) - Evelyn Underhill 2000

Amazon Synopsis: An uplifting description of the pursuit of the spiritual life, written by one of the greatest mystics of the 20th century, who describes not only the spiritual state of communing with God but also the state of cooperating with God!   Read online or download free

Theophanies: A Book of Verses - Evelyn Underhill 1995

Amazon Synopsis: Underhill was a noted poet and these mystical poems reflect her inner illumination and joy of living.


The Ways of the Spirit - Evelyn Underhill, Grace Aldophsen Brame, Editor 1993

Amazon Synopsis: While searching through the archives of poet and author Evelyn Underhill, Grace Brame discovered four important handwritten retreats given by Underhill that were thought to be lost. In these writings, Underhill takes up some of the timeless themes of spiritual life: the call of God, sanctity, inner grace, and our purpose in life.


Worship - Evelyn Underhill 1992

Amazon Synopsis: A reprint of Evelyn Underhill's timeless study on the the nature and principles of worship and the main forms in which they find expression in Christianity. In the belief that religious experience is the starting point of theological reconstruction, the author analyses here the characteristics, principles and nature of how man relates to God. The way and degree in which ritual, symbol, sacrament and sacrifice become part of worship is also examined and, subsequently, its principles are illustrated, as embodied in the main types of cults.

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