Harmon H. Bro PhD


Birthdate: December 14, 1919 - September 13, 1997

He and his wife June were friends of Edgar Cayce and received readings from him. This grew out of a year spent by them at Virginia Beach observing Cayce give readings and helping to catalogue the readings already in the vault. They were a young couple at the time and Harmon, a psychology/theology student,  had decided to write his doctorial thesis on Edgar Cayce.

Harmon Bro has taught at Harvard, held a chair at Syracuse and been a graduate dean at Drake. He has written eight books on topics from the Edgar Cayce readings.


A Seer Out of Season: The Life of Edgar Cayce - Harmon H. Bro 1989

Amazon Synopsis: The gift of prophecy...

Millions worldwide have turned to the writings of Edgar Cayce for advice on holistic medicine and spiritual growth. Hailed as the father of the New Age movement, his works have been translated into dozens of languages, and he has received outpourings of acclaim from individuals, doctors, and spiritual leaders around the globe.

A Seer out of Season...

Drawing from his experience as Cayce's longtime associate, Dr. Harmon Bro has written the first-ever full-length biography of the gifted spiritualist. Long awaited by followers and skeptics alike, this definitive, intimate account tells the story of how an enigmatic Kentucky farm boy with no formal education became the soft-spoken seer who inspired so many. It is also the story of a man hounded by disbelievers who again and again branded him a charlatan--only to walk away stunned by his power.

Begin a New Life: The Approach of Edgar Cayce - Harmon H. Bro 1971

Dreams in a Life of Prayer: The Approach of Edgar Cayce - Harmon H. Bro 1970

Edgar Cayce on Dreams - Harmon H. Bro 1968

Book Jacket: "In dreams, people experience for themselves every important kind of psychic phenomenon, and every level of helpful psychological and religious counsel."

Edgar Cayce shows you how to use your dreams to achieve the same self-understanding, happiness and success he gave to others in his famous, "Life Readings."

By following Edgar Cayce's techniques of dream interpretation, you can explore your potential for:

  • Predicting the future
  • Discovering hidden personal talents
  • Relieving nervous tensions
  • Making money
  • Rearing children wisely
  • Discovering you past lives
  • Securing health guidance
  • Developing your ESP
  • Gaining insight into your destiny in this life - and beyond.


Edgar Cayce on Religion and Psychic Experience – Harmon H. Bro PhD 1970

Book Jacket: Karma and Christ - can today's religious person believe in both?

Yes, says Edgar Cayce. The celebrated "sleeping clairvoyant" was a Sunday School teacher who found that the psychic information he received in trances appeared to supplement the teachings of the Bible without contradiction. Moreover, he found his psychic abilities dramatically heightened by prayer and meditation.

The author suggests how mature religion aided Edgar Cayce's psychic ability - and how it can help develop your own psychic powers.

Among the documented subject Dr. Bro describes are learning to see and "read" auras; dreaming of the future; developing meaningful psychic "hunches"; communicating with the dead; and retrocognition - psychic exploration of previous lives.

Growing Through Personal Crisis - Harmon Hartzell Bro, June Avis Bro and Charles Thomas Cayce 1988

Amazon Synopsis: During his lifetime, Edgar Cayce helped thousands of individuals overcome their personal obstacles with his readings. Now the author. the only living eyewitness to hundreds of his counseling sessions, makes Cayce's insights available to everyone.

High Play; Turning on without Drugs - Harmon H. Bro 1970

Synopsis: High Play is about how to achieve ecstasy without drugs and reach optimum levels of truth, beauty and goodness using the recommendations in the Edgar Cayce readings.

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