Jane Roberts



Birthdate: May 8, 1929 - September 5, 1984 

Jane Roberts was an American author, poet, psychic and medium. In waking life she wrote in a number of genres: poetry, short stories, children’s literature, nonfiction, science fiction and fantasy and novels. In trance she channeled an entity named Seth as her husband, Robert took notes in shorthand. The Seth books below are the results of that partnership.

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Jane Roberts also gave psychic readings and taught courses in her home for small groups. It is of note that she also channeled William James and Paul Cézanne.

Organizations and Projects


Seth Learning Center.org

An international website for the Seth material. Hear audio clips on various subjects in different languages. Some subjects covered: "What is the Purpose of Existence?" "You Create Your Own Reality" "What Happens After Death?"


Seth Center.com

Seth and Jane Bookstore and Audio Collection website. It also has a list of interesting links to Seth readers groups, etc.



Adventures in Consciousness: An Introduction to Aspect Psychology - Jane Roberts 2005

Amazon Synopsis: One of the most important psychics of the twentieth century, Jane Roberts spoke for Seth the "energy essence personality no longer focused in physical reality." In her groundbreaking book, Adventures in Consciousness, Roberts sets out to explore the nature of alternate states of consciousness, such as trance-mediumship, ESP, Ouija board messages, out-of-body experiences, dreams, and reincarnational dramas. She asks brilliant new questions and develops an exciting theory of consciousness: aspect psychology. In addition, her anecdotes and practical information help us develop our own "psychic" abilities.


The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher: The View of William James - Jane Roberts 2001


The Coming of Seth - Jane Roberts 1993

Amazon Synopsis: Here, Jane Roberts records her first incredible psychic experiences and her fascinating search for a higher self-realization. Using every tool of parapsychology, Roberts reveals her astonishing discoveries--and shows readers the road to their own higher consciousnesses.


Dreams, "Evolution", and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 1: A Seth Book - Seth, Jane Roberts and Robert F. Butts 1997

Amazon Synopsis: The concepts that the author tries to get across here are actually pretty simple once you get your mind to thinking that way--it's a way of viewing oneself, the planet, and the interconnectedness of all relationships (sentiant and otherwise).


Dreams, "Evolution" and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 2: A Seth Book - Seth, Jane Roberts and Robert F. Butts 1997

Amazon Synopsis: The concepts that the author tries to get across here are actually pretty simple once you get your mind to thinking that way--it's a way of viewing oneself, the planet, and the interconnectedness of all relationships (sentiant and otherwise).


The Early Sessions: Sessions 1-42 - Seth, Jane Roberts, Robert F. Butts 1997


Fell's ESP Power - Jane Roberts 2000

Amazon Synopsis: Seth speaks for the first time!


The God of Jane: A Psychic Manifesto - Jane Roberts 1982

Amazon Synopsis: . . . The God of Jane, the God of Joe, the God of Lester, the God of Sarah . . . An appeal to that "God" would be an appeal to that portion of universal creativity from which we personally emerge . . . It would stand for that otherwise inconceivable intersection between Being and our being . . .(from chapter 7)

In The God of Jane, the most personal of her books, Jane Roberts bravely questions the very material she produced (the many volumes of Seth material) as well as her own psychic abilities. "This book," she writes, "is the story of my efforts to put Seth's material to work in daily life; to free myself from many hampering cultural beliefs; and most of all, to encounter and understand the nature of impulses . . ."

What Roberts discovers is her individual connection to the larger consciousness-or "God."

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book - Seth, Jane Roberts, Robert F. Butts 1995

Amazon Synopsis: Extending the idea that we create our own reality, Seth explores the connection between personal beliefs & world events

The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living - Jane Roberts and Robert F. Butts 1995

Amazon Synopsis: The Seth books are world-renowned for comprising one of the most profound bodies of work ever written on the true nature of reality. In this brand new volume of original material, Seth invites us to look at the world through another lens –– a magical one. Seth reveals the true, magical nature of our deepest levels of being, and explains how we have allowed it to become inhibited by our own beliefs and conventional thinking.

The Magical Approach teaches us how to live our lives spontaneously, creatively, and according to our own natural rhythms. It helps us to discover and tune into our natural, instinctive behavior. By applying the principles in this book, readers will learn to trust their impulses and discover the highest expression of their creativity.

“We are indeed dealing with two entirely different approaches to reality and to solving problems –– methods we will here call the rational method and the magical one. The rational approach works quite well in certain situations, such as mass production of goods, or in certain kinds of scientific measurements –– but all in all the rational method, as it is understood and used, does not work as an overall approach to life, or in the solving of problems that involve subjective rather than objective measurements or calculations. The magical approach has far greater weight, if you use it and allow yourselves to operate in that fashion, for it has the weight of your basic natural orientation.”


The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know  - Jane Roberts and Robert  F. Butts 1994

Amazon Synopsis: In this perennial bestseller, Seth challenges our assumptions about the nature of reality. He explains how the conscious mind directs unconscious activity and has at its command all the powers of the inner self. Included are excellent exercises for applying these theories to any life situation.


The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression - Jane Roberts and RobertF. Butts 1996

Contents: Introduction by Jane Roberts, The Environment of the Psyche, Your Dreaming Psyche Is Awake, Association, the Emotions, and a Different Frame of Reference, The Psyche in Relationship to Sexual Elements. The He and She-the She and He, The Psyche, Love, Sexual Expression, and Creativity, "The Language of Love:' Images and the Birth of Words, The Psyche, Languages, and gods, Dreams, Creativity, Languages, and "Cordellas", Characteristics of Pure Energy, the Energetic Psyche, and the Birth of Events, Games That Anybody Can Play. Dreams and the Formation of Events, The Universe and the Psyche, Index  


Psychic Politics - Jane Roberts 1979

Amazon Synopsis: Psychic Politics is the result of Jane Roberts's search for the rules that govern our inner lives-the links between our daily, subjective experience and the greater Reality that nourishes all of our existence. This is not only her most challenging book, but a very personal investigation in which the sources of dream and myth, and the creative wellsprings of sex and spirituality, appear in their full and breathtaking relationship to daily life.

And here for the first time, Roberts introduces three concepts that are key to understanding her entire body of work: the library, a super-real storehouse of "probably" books that tell of the paths human consciousness has not yet taken; counterparts, simultaneous incarnations living on earth today so as to broaden the fabric of their individual soul's experience; and the codicils, an alternative set of rules for human existence that could transform the framework of our entire civilization.


Seth Dreams and Projections Of Consciousness - Jane Roberts 1998

Amazon Synopsis: An incredibly exciting book, which provides essential instructions and information for those interested in working with Dreams and Out of Body Experiences. This book was originally written as a sequel to the Seth Material, and is considered by many to be one of the most advanced and knowledgeable works in the area. Includes techniques for recalling dreams, becoming conscious in the dream state, and inducing Out-of-Body Experiences.


The Seth Material: The Spiritual Teacher that Launched the New Age - Jane Roberts 2010

Amazon Synopsis: Seth is the acclaimed non-physical teacher whose collected works are the most dynamic, brilliant and undistorted map of inner reality and human potential available today. His articulation of the furthest reaches of human potential, the eternal validity of the soul, and the concept that we create our own reality according to our beliefs, has been presented in books that have sold over 8 million copies and been translated into over a dozen languages. Seth's empowering voice clearly stands out as one of the major forces which led to the current New Age philosophical movement. This book chronicles Seth's first contact with author and medium Jane Roberts. It is a mixture of great Seth excerpts, selected by topic, and further explained by Jane.Topics covered include: afterdeath & between lives, how to get rid of illness,reincarnation, why people are born into different circumstances, God, All That Is, Dreams, exercises to develop the inner senses, and much more.


Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul - Jane Roberts and Robert F. Butts 1994

Amazon Synopsis: One of the most powerful of the Seth Books, this essential guide to conscious living clearly and powerfully articulates the furthest reaches of human potential, and the concept that we all create our own reality according to our individual beliefs. Having withstood the test of time, it is still considered one of the most dynamic and brilliant maps of inner reality available today.

The "Unknown" Reality, Vol. 1: A Seth Book - Jane Roberts and Robert F. Butts 1996

Amazon Synopsis: In this book (two volumes) Seth adds depth to some of the concepts introduced in Seth Speaks (Reincarnation, Probabilities) and adds new flavours (Counterparts, Families of Consciousness).

The "Unknown" Reality, Vol. 2: A Seth Book by Seth, Jane Roberts and Robert F. Butts 1997

Amazon Synopsis: In this book (two volumes) Seth adds depth to some of the concepts introduced in Seth Speaks (Reincarnation, Probabilities) and adds new flavours (Counterparts, Families of Consciousness).


The Way Toward Health: A Seth Book - Seth, Jane Roberts and Robert F. Butts 1997

Amazon Synopsis: This book explains why we become ill. There are metaphysical psychosomatic reasons that will manifest illness. When those mental thoughts and beliefs are corrected, changed or amended healing can take place. This book is based on the last two years of the authors life and her hospitalization and death.


World View of Paul Cezanne - Jane Roberts 1994



Emir's Education in the Proper Use of Magical Powers - Jane Roberts 2000

Amazon Synopsis: Come along for adventure in a time when the world was new and death was unknown. As his kingdom quickly becomes crowded by people, plants, and animals who live forever, young Prince Emir must discover the answers to some most perplexing questions

At the behest of his royal parents, Emir undertakes a difficult journey to discover death, understand the reasons for the seasons, and even figure out what life is all about. A large order for such a small prince, but Emir is not alone in his quest. Aided by the muses of Conscience and Inspiration, our young hero finally understands that all living things must have their own seasons of birth, growth and returning to the earth.

Jane Roberts touched millions with her Seth books. Now this same gentle heart reminds spirits young and old to honor the cycle of life, the seasons, and world diversity with this charming fairy tale for all ages.


The Oversoul Seven Trilogy: The Education of Oversoul Seven, The Further Education of Oversoul Seven, Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time - Jane Roberts 1995

Amazon Synopsis: Read this and you will never be the same again! Unlike anything else I have ever read, the Oversoul 7 trilogy stands alone, and in my top 5 books of all time. Cosmic truths presented in fictional format, but NOT cheesy or contrived like most 'New Age fiction.' You know what I mean - those books that have a story just to provide an excuse for New Age preaching. blech. It's great when it works, but it rarely works. Well this time it works! Jane Roberts pulls it off, and pulls it off quite well! Read Oversoul and your dreams will come alive. You will look at every sunflake with new appreciation. Your sense of time and space will be forever altered. You will grasp at last the paradox of nonlinear time (ie, 'time travel'). You will meet unforgettable characters and remember them fondly many years later (the hallmark of a great book). And, you'll have fun reading it.





Dialogues of the Soul and Mortal Self in Time - Jane Roberts, Robert Butts, Illustrator 2001

Amazon Synopsis: An extraordinary book of poetry/intuition by Jane Roberts, illustrated by her husband, artist Robert Butts. It is a beautiful and enlightening conversation between the physical self and the inner self. The poems are wise, humorous, and address some of the deepest issues that humanity is dealing with. Contains a preface by Jane Roberts


If We Live Again - Jane Roberts 

Amazon Synopsis: This uplifting book of poetry/intuition also contains three introductory essays by Jane Roberts; Poetry and the Magical Approach to Life; Love as an Altered State of Consciousness; and Self-Love, Self-Expression, and Poetry. Jane's wonderful poetry is both inspiring and wise, and, as Jane states in one of her essays, brings out life s hidden nuances. It ...reveals undercurrents of usually-concealed actions that we quite ignore when we re most concerned about thinking rationally.

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