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Dear Poets on my Site

Thanks to you, my Spiritual Poetry page is always in the top 5 pages visited on this site. 

You have really WOWed me with your poetry, and I just feel compelled to help you get your work out there.

I strongly urge you to check out making a Kindle book of your poetry to offer on your sites or facebook pages. Your poetry is wonderful and can bring such joy and inspiration to a world in need.

I've just been exploring the process, myself and it looks easier than you would think.  They have Kindle apps for PC and MAC and a free how to make a kindle book.


Learn About Kindle

Learn more about putting a Kindle book together here.

Getting an ISBN Number

Here is the info on getting an ISBN, an International Standard Book Number for your book.

In Canada



Wikipedia Information on ISBN


Help with the Cover

The greatest hurdle for most of you may be coming up with a great, professional-looking cover. As part of my mandate for this site is to promote spiritual arts and writing, (to get that beauty and inspiration out into a chaotic world), I am offering to do your cover for you for $25, (I would normally charge $50). I may only be able to get to one cover a month so, first come first served. (It would be a deposit of $12 and the other $13 at completion.) Email me

I use paypal for transactions right now.


Promotion for my Poets 

I also would be glad to include a link to your Kindle book on the Spiritual poetry page highlighting that you are the poets on my site. This applies to all poets on my site who let me know that they have a Kindle.

At some point, I will be introducing a store to the site and also plan to promote your poetry there. If you get a PDF version, I would also be interested in that. 


More Help

If you need more help, and you need the whole Kindle done for you I would consider it for $75 (I would normally charge $125 for this.) Email me

My Credentials

I have a diploma in Graphic Design - Packaging from Mohawk College, Ontario, Canada.

Here is a sample of a cover for my own ebook of Inspirational Writings, that I will be bringing out in Kindle and PDF in the next six months.

You can also see more samples of my artwork on my Facebook page.

Please email me directly if you want to take me up on this offer, and title it "Kindle book."

   Faye Sanderson

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