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Edgar Cayce on Secrets of the Universe and How to Use Them in Your life – Lin Cochran 1989

Amazon Synopsis: Veteran Cayce student Lin Cochran delves into the underlying principles that govern thoughts and feelings. Shows readers how to get in touch with the hidden potential of their own spirits--from improving relationships to shedding fears.

Spiritual Secrets of Learning to Love: For Those Who Want to turn the Lead in Their Lives into Gold – Lin Cochran 1994 This is more than another “recovery” book. It includes but goes beyond the salvation from addictions that most of us associate with the twelve-step program. Lin Cochran uses personal experiences and stories to show how recovery and spirituality can converge at the point where cooperation replaces conflict to bring healing and support.

This book is for you :

- If you're bored with life's battles

- If your therapy bills cost more than your car payments

- If you just know there has to be a better way

Spiritual Secrets of Learning to Love can offer anyone personal evidence and testimony that recovery and love are one and the same.

Beyond Dieting: Create the Body Image You want, and Keep It That Way – Lin Cochran With an estimated 60% of the U.S. population considered to be overweight, Beyond Dieting is a timely and fresh approach to losing weight and living a happy and healthy life.

Lin Cochran uses frank and honest language about how your inside can so easily reflect your outside. Using self-help quizzes and worksheets, you will learn about the importance of a balanced diet and how to integrate that into your busy lifestyle, and a step-by-step guide to behavior modification to allow you to change those old self defeating habits..

Cochran also brings together some key ideas on mind and spirit and the effects these have on the body from the Edgar Cayce readings. These ideas can not only change your waistline, but your life as well.


Love of My Lives - Lin Cochran 2012

Amazon Synopsis: "I REMEMBER BEING MURDERED. I died . . . a terrifying, violent death. I shall never forget it."

Imagine the love of your many lives has reincarnated with you, but so has your killer. Emily flips a switch to see bloody bandages on his hands and a face raw with pain. Jason's mask is off. Cold, gut fear grips her as black holes in a skull where his eyes once were burn into Emily's brain the image of her own broken, dying body slipping off jagged rocks into water. She feels herself watching from high on a cliff, as the waves below swallow the hem of a bloody dress. At high tide, she is washed out to sea. To see her lover no more?

I'm going to die again. Only this time, Jason is going to kill me himself.

Emily Mason-Wohl co-owns a newspaper in an imaginary Gulf Coast Florida town. She and her best friend, City Prosecutor Marta Miller, battle evil forces under the guise of a religious cult threatening to destroy the peaceful city. But one member of the cult wants Emily dead. For personal reasons. Again. A novella.

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