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Lynn Andrews is a best selling author, shaman, and teacher who for 35 years studied under various medicine women and shamans from indigenous cultures all over the world.

She has written extensively of her experiences in her many books.

Many of her spiritual adventures speak especially to women - to their own spiritual and life concerns.

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Lynn Andrews’ website features information on her Mystery School, The Lynn Andrews’s Center for Sacred Arts and Training, online courses, and gatherings and retreats where she is a speaker.

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Coming Full Circle: Ancient Teachings for a Modern World - Lynn V. Andrews 2012

In this book Lynn Andrews relates stories that will help us to use the shamanistic wisdom she has gained in our daily lives. She shows how the wisdom of the Sisterhood of the Shield can bring harmony and grace to our modern world.


Crystal Woman - Lynn V. Andrews 1988

Amazon Synopsis: Lynn Andrews, bestselling author of Star Woman and Jaguar Woman, continues her "chronicle of the spirit" with an extraordinary journey to the wilderness of Central Australia, where she discovers the power of crystals.

Dark Sister - Lynn V. Andrews 1996, 2007

Book Jacket: With the Tenth book in the bestselling Medicine Woman series, Lynn V. Andrews writes her most suspenseful and provocative work yet in this exploration of the dark side of woman’s power.

When Sin Corazón, a ravishingly beautiful member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, begins her training she is encouraged to explore and confront her fascination with the dark mysteries in her soul in order to overcome them. However, when her husband abandons her for another woman, Sin Corazón nearly succumbs to the powers of her inner darkness and unleashes the full extent of her rage not only against men but also by passionately turning against her own sisterhood.

Dark Sister is a book about the choices between love and evil in life, how decisions are made within each of us, and how a woman can gain her own sense of integrity and peace.

Healing States: A Journey Into the World of Spiritual Healing and Shamanism - Alberto Villoldo, Stanley Krippner and Lynn V. Andrews 1987

Amazon Synopsis: A colorful and compelling examination of evidence for the mind and the ability to heal, taking a step into the fascinating world of psychic healing and shamanism.

Jaguar Woman - Lynn V. Andrews 1985, 2007

Book Jacket: Jaguar Woman is one of Lynn Andrews’ most beloved books in the Sisterhood of the Shield series. Her extraordinary journey begins in the frozen tundra of Manitoba, where she is under the apprenticeship of her Native American teachers. She experiences a powerful vision of a butterfly tree, and suddenly, as if following the directions of the medicine wheel, we are transported south to another world, a different time, and a new consciousness. The heart of the magical tale is set in the steamy jungles of the Mayan Yucatán, where the vision of the butterfly tree becomes a terrifying reality.

Love and Power - Lynn V. Andrews 1997, 2007

Amazon Synopsis: Author, teacher and counselor Lynn Andrews offers a timely message on how readers can find wholeness and well-being by learning to balance the need for love with the desire for power. Drawing on her wealth of lessons learned over two decades, the author offers practical steps for focusing one's intellectual and spiritual energy.

Medicine Woman - Lynn V. Andrews 1983, 2006

Amazon Synopsis: A fascinating Castaneda-like spiritual journey into the wilderness of Manitoba, where Lynn Andrews meets Agnes Whistling Elk, the Native American "heyoehkah," or shaman, who will change her life.

Shakkai - Lynn V. Andrews 1992

Amazon Synopsis: The bestselling author of Medicine Woman and Flight of the Seventh Moon taps into the mystical powers of Japan's sacred captured gardens and offers its secrets to all women who seek its magical wisdom and power.

Spirit Woman: Flight of the Seventh Moon - Lynn V. Andrews 1991

Amazon Synopsis: A sequel to "Medicine Woman", this book continues the author's account of her spiritual quest for the ancient wisdom of woman through American Indian lore and the tribal shaman ways, learning various initiations such as the teaching of the shields, the ancient path of protection and power.

Star Woman - Lynn V. Andrews 1986

With Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs Lynn takes a journey to the dark side of her own spirit to face the fears and weaknesses of her shadow self and to resolve and harmonize them creating a new balance within herself.

Contents: Introduction, The Ghost Horse, Shape Shifter, Horse Maze, Melting, Changing the Direction of the Wind, Lightning Root, The Sacred Clown, The Life and Death Ghost Dolls, The Journey North, Thunder-Being Drum, The Chessboard of Forever, Cave of Mother Wisdom, The Mating of Power, The Secret of Mastery, The Shaman’s Myth, A Sorcerer’s Smoke, Shifting the World, The Fire Spirit.

Tree of Dreams - Lynn V. Andrews 2001, 2007

Amazon Synopsis: In Tree of Dreams, Lynn Andrews invites us to explore not only the inevitable process of aging and death, but also the many "little deaths" that occur in life, such as divorce, the loss of a cherished relationship, the unexpected loss of a job, or sudden illness. We see the powerful, independent women who comprise The Sisterhood of the Shields as they gain strength, wisdom, and respect during transition into "elderhood," and we learn how to apply these lessons to our own lives. With disarming candor, the author shares personal spiritual and metaphysical battles as she comes to understand her own shortcomings and failures, which, over time, become the hallmarks of wisdom and the battle scars of the elders.

Tree of Dreams is vintage Andrews. Her core audience and new readers alike will enjoy these timeless teachings for growth, healing, and spiritual connection.

Windhorse Woman - Lynn V. Andrews 1990

Amazon Synopsis: From the New York Times bestselling author of Star Woman and Crystal Woman, here is the visionary autobiography that began in Medicine Woman. Andrews offers essential lessons about love and unity that will readers forge their own visions and lives.

Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds - Lynn V. Andrews 1993

Amazon Synopsis: Presenting a spiritual approach to the changes of menopause, the author of Medicine Woman offers an inspirational path through emotional mazes common during this stage of life, viewing it as a positive opportunity for growth.

The Woman of Wyrrd - Lynn V. Andrews 1991

Amazon Synopsis: More than a million readers have followed Lynn Andrews on her journeys into the sacred mysteries of the Sisterhood of the Shields -- and this may be the most startling episode yet. Guided by Agnes Whistling Elk into a world of power and magic, Lynn Andrews enters the sacred Dreamtime and emerges as a young woman, Catherine, in medieval England. There she encounters Grandmother, the Woman of Wyrrd, who becomes her teacher -- a woman who offers to take Andrews's ordinary life and build it into a remarkable one full of power, goodness, adventure, and love.

In this dazzling spiritual adventure, Andrews tells the fascinating story of Catherine's introduction into the secrets of the Sisterhood, her initiation into its rituals and ceremonies, her confrontation with death when she dishonors that tradition, and her terrifying attempt to recover the soul she loses to a dark brooding man who enters her life. In The Woman of Wyrrd, Lynn Andrews reveals the many secrets she has learned about working with the energies of Mother Earth, restoring feminine power and potential, and ultimately tapping into a life without fear.

Writing Spirit: Finding Your Creative Soul - Lynn V. Andrews

Book Jacket: In Writing Spirit, Lynn Andrews discusses her own journey to becoming a writer, complete with the struggles she has faced along the way. By giving examples from her life and examining specific pieces of her own work, she explores the process of writing from beginning to end, and imparts her knowledge to novice and experienced writers alike.

Writing Spirit addresses questions such as:

  • Why are you writing?
  • For whom are you writing?
  • How can you be true to yourself as an artist?
  • What causes writer’s block and how can you remedy it?

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