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Lynn Sparrow Christy is an author, speaker and long-time student of the Edgar Cayce readings. She has spent many years as a staff member of the Association of Research and Enlightenment in varied roles as conference speaker, spokesperson, board member, author, and developer of ARE books, home study courses, DVDs and online mentored ecourses.

Lynn maintains a hypnotherapy and life coaching practice and has also served as a licensed minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Organizations and Projects


Her Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy website

Access Your Potential website offers Personal Coaching, Body Energy Work, Hypnosis, and Neurolinguistics services in the Virginia Beach, VA area.



Beyond Soul Growth: Awakening to the Call of Cosmic Evolution - Lynn Sparrow Christy 2013

Amazon Synopsis: Is life just a school for soul growth? A place where we learn from our mistakes until we finally escape incar-nation?

Or do we have a more exalted purpose? Drawing on Edgar Cayce's extraordinary vision of cosmic evolution and a stream of spiritual inquiry that places humankind in the context of a developing universe, author Lynn Sparrow Christy makes a thought-provoking case for incarnation as a unique opportunity to bring consciousness into matter and the affairs of the world.  Bringing decades of experience and spiritual study together, she articulates the unique path of the co-creator one who serves as an intentional agent of evolution in the midst of the challenges we face, both personally and collectively.


Edgar Cayce and the Born Again Christian – Lynn Elwell Sparrow 1985

Book Jacket: Edgar Cayce, the most documented psychic in modern history, has been called by some a Christian mystic. The psychic readings of the great clairvoyant have led countless people to a deeper vision of their Christian faith and a renewed commitment to their churches.

Now, for the first time, Edgar Cayce and the Born Again Christian offers a reconciliation of the Cayce material with the tenets of fundamental Christianity. Author Lynn Sparrow is an Evangelical Christian by persuasion and a graduate of an Evangelical Bible College. In Edgar Cayce and the Born Again Christian, she draws on more than 15 years study of the Cayce readings and the Bible to offer a clear and highly readable discussion of such key issues as:

  • Can on be "born again" and still accept the information in the Cayce readings?
  • Does the Bible condemn all psychic phenomena or is there a place for psychic experiences in the Christian's life?
  • How does Edgar Cayce measure up against the Bible's standards for prophets?
  • What do the Cayce readings really say about Jesus Christ?
  • Is it possible to believe in reincarnation and still uphold Jesus as the way of salvation?
  • What did Edgar Cayce say about the Bible?

If you have a personal interest in integrating the Cayce readings with your own Christian faith; if a Christian friend or family member is concerned about your interest in Edgar Cayce; or, if you are a committed fundamental Christian who believes that Edgar Cayce is anti-Christian, you owe it to yourself to read Edgar Cayce and the Born Again Christian.


Edgar Cayce and Christian Faith - Lynn Elwell Sparrow 1999

Amazon Synopsis: Using her personal journey to both the Christian faith and the Edgar Cayce readings, the author offers a convincing, well-researched reconciliation of the Cayce material with Biblical text and the tenets of traditional Christianity.

In this newly revised edition of Edgar Cayce and the Born Again Christian, Sparrow looks at the many places where the Cayce readings and the Bible agree, and at the stumbling blocks along the way for Christians trying to reconcile the two. She particularly addresses questions about the use of psychic abilities and the concept of reincarnation.

Sparrow's study helps answer the questions of the curious, the concerns of the doubters, and the desires of Christians around the world for a well-reasoned, enlightened, and definitive look at the Cayce readings within a biblical context.


The Precious Opportunity of Incarnation Audiobook - Lynn Sparrow Christy)

Synopsis: Why are we choosing to reincarnate over and over again?

Are we just incarnating to get back to the place where we started? Back to being totally spirit? Being One with God? Or are there other reasons?


Reincarnation: Claiming Your Past, Creating Your Future – Lynn Elwell Sparrow 1995

American visionary leader and psychic Edgar Cayce opened the eyes of millions of Americans to reincarnation. Now, some of his most astute observations on this fascinating subject are interpreted by Lynn Elwell Sparrow, including:

  • The purpose of each lifetime
  • How past lives influence your current choices
  • Using your past life experiences to meet this life's difficulties constructively

  • Past relationships-- soul mates, twin souls and intertwined past livesHow karma and grace can heal painful memories
  • Awakening artistic tendencies from past lives
  • How dreams, speech patterns and reactions to fragrances or sounds can all be clues to your past lives

With this book as your guide, you can discover your past lives and develop your ability to make positive choices for life, love and happiness.

Home Study Courses


Beyond Past Lives: the Dynamics of Karma and Grace - Lynn Sparrow 1988

Amazon Synopsis: An Edgar Cayce Learn-at-Home Course with 3 audio (cassette) tapes and 26 worksheets included.


Meditation Made Easy - ARE Home Study Course

Description: Comes in a three-ring binder with three audio (cassette) tapes and 28 page illustrated instructions. Hard to find.





Past Lives and Present Relationships DVD 2009

Actors: Ann Jaffin, John Van Auken, Lynn Sparrow Christy, Barbara Lane, Mary Roach

Directors: A.R.E. Press | Rated: G |

Description: 6-DVD set. Presentations from a Past Life ARE Conference on DVD.

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