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Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose – Mark Thurston 1984

Amazon Synopsis: This book helps you find what you alone were born to do in this lifetime. Dr. Thurston outlines a practical, easy-to-understand procedure for discovering your soul's purpose. By applying these ideas, you will open new opportunities for a joyous, fulfilling life.

Dreams: Tonight's Answers for Tomorrow's Questions – Mark Thurston 1996

Amazon Synopsis: Change your life overnight!

In his lifetime, American spiritual leader Edgar Cayce pioneered the practical study for dreams and helped thousands unlock the revelations they contain. Now, experienced dream teacher Mark Thompson, Ph.D., interprets Cayce's carefully preserved writings to help readers build their spiritual power through the mysterious wisdom of dreams.

Illuminated with dozens of Cayce's actual dream readings, Dreams includes:

  • Simple methods to interpret the literal and symbolic meanings of dreams
  • Exercises to expand your innate capacity to dream and remember dreams
  • Techniques for using dreams to predict--and change--your future
  • The Edgar Cayce Dream Symbol Dictionary--a comprehensive reference guide to dream interpretation that will help you develop your personal dream vocabulary

The Edgar Cayce Handbook: For Creating Your Future – Mark Thurston, PhD. and Christopher Fazel 1992

Amazon Synopsis: This remarkable handbook presents Cayce's twenty-four spiritual keys, which unlock the doors of self-understanding. They operate like formulas that teach us about the mysteries of living and are evident to anyone who is willing and able to look closely at life. As you will see, these principles can be applied to every situation, and you can begin to use them instantly in your everyday life: Everything Happens for a Reason: You Have a Purpose in Life; Love Means Honoring the Other Person's Free Will; Every Crisis Is an Opportunity for a Breakthrough, and many more.

Filled with inspiring counsel, this is a truly accessible guide to the universal principles that govern the grand game of life. It can enable you to become a more creative, productive, and joyful person--a true co-creator with your higher power.

Edgar Cayce's Guide to Spirituality for Busy People - Mark A. Thurston 2000

Amazon Synopsis: We can learn to live a healthier, happier life by following principles from the Edgar Cayce psychic readings that explain how to:

  • Slow down and live at a healthier pace
  • Surrender fear and create peace in our lives
  • Engender unconditional love in the way we live

Edgar Cayce's Predictions for The 21st Century - Mark Thurston and Irene Hughes 2005

Amazon Synopsis: Dr. Thurston takes an in-depth look at the America's most famous and well-respected prophet and mystic, Edgar Cayce predictions for earth changes, political upheaval, and the blossoming of a renewed humanity for the 21st century and beyond. With Instructions For Living That Cayce Envisioned. Includes Nostradamus and Other World Prophecies.

The Essential Edgar Cayce – Mark Thurston 2004

Amazon Synopsis: A complete guide to the work of the remarkable twentieth-century seer Edgar Cayce, featuring Cayce's most intriguing and influential readings, and a biographical introduction to his life.

Edgar Cayce is one of the most mysterious men of the twentieth century. Sometimes called "The Sleeping Prophet," he was prone to pick up taglines that reflected the sensationalistic side of his work rather than its real depth and meaning. The core of his life's work was actually being an intuitive healer and Christian mystic.

More than one hundred books have been written about his teachings and his life story. Yet no book has combined insightful commentary with lengthy, verbatim selections of the full range of his contribution to holistic healing, practical spirituality, and the psychology of the soul.

The Essential Edgar Cayce gives the reader an understanding of each major area in which Cayce helped pioneer the modern holistic living movement, as well as the contemporary popular approach to spirituality that weaves together the best of Eastern and Western religious traditions. The book's substantial introduction frames Cayce and his life's work, and is followed by eight topical sections in which commentaries by Mark Thurston guide the reader through some of the seer's most significant readings.

Experiments in a Search for God: The Edgar Cayce Path of Application - Mark A. Thurston 1996

Amazon Synopsis: Based on concepts from A Search for God, Books I and II, these valuable texts will provide you with practical experiments you can use to test and apply the universal principles from the Edgar Cayce readings. For individual or group study, keyed to A Search for God, Book 1.

Experiments in Practical Spirituality – Mark A. Thurston, PhD 1980

Amazon Synopsis: This continuation volume offers nearly 100 experiments requiring only about five minutes each. Discusses happiness, wisdom, opportunity, and more. Keyed to A Search for God, Book II.

Free Yourself to Love Unconditionally - Mark A. Thurston 1991

85 pages

The Great Teachings of Edgar Cayce - Mark A. Thurston 1996

Amazon Synopsis: "Mark Thurston, Ph. D., executive director of A.R.E. and student of the Cayce material for over thirty years, examines fifteen of the most thought-provoking Edgar Cayce psychic readings and discusses the many ways the reader may use the information for personal development........."

How to Interpret Your Dreams: Practical Techniques Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings – Mark Thurston 1989

Amazon Synopsis: This book is a roadmap to greater self-knowledge through dream interpretation. Dr. Mark Thurston has combined insights from the hundreds of Edgar Cayce readings on dreams with his own background in dream interpretation to give us a clearly written, easy to understand spiritual handbook. The author explains:

* How to find and use the most important ideas presented in your dream.

* The part feelings play in overall dream interpretation.

* How to work with and break down the symbols in dreams.

* The keys to knowing if your dream is telepathic.

* How to get specific answers to problems.

Properly used this book can be a window inward to enrich your life through dream interpretation.

The Inner Power of Silence: A Universal Way of Meditation – Mark Thurston 1996

Amazon Synopsis: This practical and down-to-earth book will help you understand what meditation is and how it benefits your body, your mind, and your life.

Millennium Prophecies: Predictions for the Coming Century from Edgar Cayce – Mark Thurston 1997

Amazon Synopsis: Mark Thurston examines the millennium prophecies of Edgar Cayce, as well as Cayce's link to the projections of Nostradamus--predictions which still have relevance today.

Paradox of Power: Balancing Personal and Higher Will – Mark Thurston 1988

Book Jacket: A highly readable guide to adventurous living!

Soul Purpose: Discovering and Fulfilling Your Destiny – Mark Thurston 1997

Amazon Synopsis: Embrace your soul's true calling.

Edgar Cayce's pioneering life readings have helped millions of Americans break out of their day-to-day routines and discover fulfilling personal missions. Now, using Cayce's philosophy, Mark Thurston, Ph.D., has created a unique, five-step program of self-study to help you actualize the natural potential within you. This remarkable volume includes:

  • How to explore and understand the two essential sides of your nature-the individual and the universal
  • Ways to identify your inner resources and discover the "calling" that can lead you to happiness and fulfillment
  • How jobs, money, and other real-life considerations fit into a meaningful life
  • Why the rewards of living your purpose in life outweigh the efforts and extend far beyond individual benefits

Discover your path in life with the teachings of Edgar Cayce.

Synchronicity as Spiritual Guidance: All of Life's Working Together to Leave Your Little Hints - Mark A. Thurston 1997

Amazon Synopsis: As defined by Carl Jung, synchronicity is the concept of "meaningful coincidence." In a way that defies cause-and-effect logic, a series of outer events sometimes coincide with each other and with an inner pattern of the soul. This book shows you how to watch for these tiny gifts of "coincidence" -- signs that guide you through the important decisions of your life. Included is a new version of the I Ching, which can be used to "invite" synchronicity.

Twelve Positive Habits of Spiritually Centered People - Mark A. Thurston and Sarah Thurston

Amazon Synopsis: Are there simple, powerful ways to achieve a healthy and spiritually centered life in this fast-paced, demanding world? These twelve positive, life-affirming habit patterns, based on the work of Edgar Cayce, will help you create a renewed sense of vitality, a deeper sense of meaning, and a stronger connection to the Creative Source.

Understand and Develop Your ESP – Mark Thurston 1988

Amazon Synopsis: This book discusses popular theories explaining ESP and investigates and expands them in light of the Cayce readings. Also outlines specific steps for developing ESP.

Visions and Prophecies for a New Age - Mark A. Thurston 1981

Amazon Synopsis: Guidelines for the Future from Edgar Cayce and Other Psychics and Visionaries.

Willing To Change: The Journey of Personal Transformation - Mark Thurston and Michael Thurston 2005

Amazon Synopsis: A practical and inspirational book for people in life's transition. Whenever circumstances and demands throw your life into upset, you're faced with challenges of choice. You are taught how to use the momentum of change to bring more meaning and purpose into your life for an emergence of a new self.

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