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Wisdom, Ask

If you asked, God would give you wisdom.  Why have you not asked?  Do you think you don’t deserve it?  You’re probably right; but how about those others you affect every day with your actions, and your decisions?  Would you wish a better outcome for them?  Do you think they deserve it?  Then ask for wisdom, and accept it graciously - for others, if not for yourself.


Help and Hell have only one different letter.  Did you ever notice that?

It suggests to me not only that much of the "help" that is being offered from the establishment today may be torture in disguise, but also that sometimes those meaning to help don't have you best interests at heart.

You can never go wrong, when helping others, if you go in with an intent of love and goodness, and ask for guidance that you will be honouring their best interests.




We can spend our whole lives realizing, and going into intricate detail about how imperfect we are.  Or we can take Jesus' directive and “be perfect, even as your Father in heaven, is perfect.”       If He said it then there must be some way, deep within us, that we can find, that we already know, that we can, simply be like God.  But, perhaps it would be easier for us to think that this Bible passage means something totally different.




          There is, all together, way too much oppression going on in this, so called, free country.  Does it matter which western country I’m standing in as I utter these words?  No.  Government is the major culprit; government that we put in place to serve the people, now has the people doing without, so that it may be served.  This is idolatry in a world without religion.




          If you push against the thorn why do you not expect to get pricked?  Why do you not expect that more thorns will come right for you?  If you move, and slide along the side of the thorn it will pass by you.  And other thorns will approach you in the same way.  So you somehow think this will make life boring?  When is acquiring a new perspective, a new tool in life, ever boring?

Love of Self

A true love of self gives us a greater capacity to love others.  Those who put themselves before others do not truly love themselves.



Judgment - Free Will

Never doubt that it is in our relationships with others that we grow in our relationship to God; that it is in how we love that love is measured to us.  Humanity is fond of measuring, but we still don't seem to get this point - We are our own judges and we, by our own actions, lay down what judgment will come back to us.  It’s a natural law - like gravity - and it is often called “cause and effect,” “karma,” “like begets like.”  That we give off, we receive, and sometimes a hundredfold!

Humanity can be his own executioner, or her own saviour.  You choose everyday.


Contentment is a fleeting thing made up of the now, but as the now changes we find ourselves replying to it, taking our minds and our attention from the contentment that was there.  If we ARE the contentment, the now can change and we will not.  We will merely embrace the new now within the contentment.  Good luck with this one!




Forgiveness is the act of giving it to God.  I can’t say that there is a single person in life who I have forgiven on my own, though there have been many people I have forgiven.  It has always been a case of God forgiving them through me.  “Lord, I, of myself can do nothing, but you, Lord, you can forgive them through me.”  I have had the genuine wish to forgive, but I still don’t know if I am capable of doing it on my own.  Perhaps, however, I have made progress, in not taking some things in life personally, and, as a result, have felt slighted by less as the years go by. 

Some day I may try it on my own, but, for now, I feel content to keep Him involved in my forgiveness process.  Quite frankly, I feel there is enough in my life that I still try to handle alone.


The buoyancy of the body of a person floating in the water is an enigma, as our body is largely filled with fluid, not air.  Does the ocean influence the movement of the fluid in a person's body or does the movement of fluid in someone's body influence the movement of the ocean?     

Is humanity the microcosm or the macrocosm?  Both are true.  Is everything on the earth a microcosm of humanity’s soul?  Yes.  We are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.



Hold Hope 

Within the marshes of doubt that sometimes trap humankind, lies a solid patch of land that holds the key.  It is the island of hope.  For, that upon which we place our hope, if we hold it firm enough, will rise up, as all our doubts fade away - and in that strength, which we gain from sticking to it, will come a surety, a certainty, that IT is meant for us - and that we can achieve it. 

Beyond all doubts we will find paradise.  And in living our doubts, will we learn to overcome them, laying them aside for greater things.  Nothing should be laid aside, but for greater things.


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