Ruth Montgomery



Birthdate: June 11, 1912June 10, 2001

Ruth Montgomery was a journalist for the New York Daily News and had a career in Washington, DC that spanned 25 and covered the governing of six Presidents.

In 1952 she began writing yearly newspaper columns listing the predictions of psychic Jeane Dickson. In 1962 she published her first non-fiction book, Once There was a Nun: Mary McCarran's Years as Sister Mary Mercy.

This book was followed in 1965 with A Gift in Prophecy, a biography of Jeane Dixon that became a best seller. She went on to write books on clairvoyance, reincarnation, past life regression, pre-historic events, psychic phenomena, and extraterrestrials, walk-ins, and future predictions, with most of the information coming to her through automatic writing from her guides.





A Gift of Prophecy – Ruth Montgomery 1970

Amazon Synopsis: A biography of the psychic Jeane Dixon.


Aliens Among Us – Ruth Montgomery 1988

Amazon Synopsis: Best-selling author Ruth Montgomery, now offers dramatic new evidence of the extrarterrestrial aliens who are already among us and how they will guide us through the New Age about to dawn at the end of this century. In these pages, you will learn: The secrets of real men and women (including a U.S. president) who have encountered aliens; the secrets of the psychic power centers both on the earth--and beyond it; the secrets about UFO phenomena our government has covered up for decades; and more.

A Search for the Truth – Ruth Montgomery 1985

Amazon Synopsis: Here are the answers to time's most infinite mysteries. Find out the connection between psychic dreams, ESP, precognitive visions and automatic writing -- and whether psychic power is a curse or a blessing. But more importantly, find out your reason for living.


A World Beyond - Ruth Montgomery 1985

Amazon Synopsis: From beyond the grave comes a startling message from one of the world's most renowned psychics, a message containing the answers to these questions and many more...What does happen after death? Where do you go? What is it like "over there?" What does it feel like to be out of our human shell? Do you see loved ones we have lost long ago? America's best-known spiritualist medium has reached the other world. He has established contact with a "receiver" in this world--and has written this book.


Born to Heal: The Astonishing Story of Mr. A and the Ancient Art of Healing with Life Energies - Ruth Montgomery 1995

Amazon Synopsis: Now Ruth Montgomery, the acclaimed bestselling author of Threshold to Tomorrow, joins forces with Mr. A. the most amazing healer of our time, to tell the story of his extraordinary powers and the astounding yet completely authentic cures he has achieved in over a half century of treating seemingly "hopeless" cases.

These cases range from crippling arthritis to malignant tumors, from paralysis to near-blindness. The grateful patients include many famous personalities as well as thousands of ordinary men and women. The method Mr. A uses is the most ancient of all healing arts, "the laying on of hands" utilizing the vital life energy he has been blessed with. This energy is real, just as the cures described in this book are absolutely real and convincing. Here is both the enthralling story of a remarkable man and an eye-opening illumination of a great untapped source of healing that may lie within many of us today.


Companions Along the Way - Ruth Montgomery 1985

Amazon Synopsis: The one and only Ruth Montgomery has joined forces with the supreme medium Arthur Ford and other companions from the Other Side to pierce the veil of the unknown and shed enthralling new light on the most fascinating depths of the psychic world. Here are the details of a Group Karmic experience that extends over thousands of years from the temples of ancient Babylon to Palestine in the days of Jesus to the present. Here are revelations of previous incarnations not only of Ruth Montgomery, Arthur Ford and other Karmic Guides, but also of such brilliant souls as Edgar Cayce, Adelle Davis, Henry Kissinger and many other famous names. Here is a book that everyone who is not afraid of the stranger-than-fiction truth will want to read.

Here and Hereafter - Ruth Montgomery 1995

Amazon Synopsis: Have you lived before? Will you live again? Fascinating new revelations about the experience of reincarnation from one of today's foremost psychic authorities.

Ruth Montgomery: Herald of the New Age - Ruth Montgomery with Joanne Garland 1987

Amazon Synopsis: Few people have lived as rich and as varied a life as has Ruth Montgomery, the bestselling author who has enlightened millions about everything from spirit communication and reincarnation to Walk-ins, extraterrestrials, and the New Age that is dawning.

Now she tells her own fascinating story: her earlier career as a nationally syndicated political columnist and distinguished Washington correspondent...her initial skepticism about psychic phenomena and her gradual conversion to the truths of this largely unexplored and mysterious realm...her friendship with renowned spiritualists like Jeane Dixon and Arthur Ford...her predictions of the sweeping changes that lie ahead of us as the twenty-first century approaches.


Strangers Among Us - Ruth Montgomery 1982

Amazon Synopsis: You may know a walk-in. You may even be one. They are high-minded entities permitted to take over the bodies of human beings who wish to depart this life. Their mission is to lead us into an astonishing new age. They are walk-ins, and there are tens of thousands of them on this planet.


Threshold to Tomorrow - Ruth Montgomery 1983

Amazon Synopsis: Walk-ins are enlightened beings now secretly and anonymously among us to guide humanity through the upheavals ahead. Maybe you are a walk-in and don't know it....

The walk-ins have come to tell us:

  • How we can improve our health...
  • How we can live longer...
  • How we can achieve our fullest potential...
  • How we can utilize the unused portions of our minds and spirits...
  • What we can do to save ourselves and others during the coming world war and the global disasters that will mark the closing of the twentieth century...


The World Before - Ruth Montgomery 1995

Amazon Synopsis: In 1971, Arthur Ford gave Ruth Montgomery six predictions, published in A World Beyond. Every one has come true! In The World Before, he and the Guides offer secret lore of the past and startling new glimpses of the future.

Here is the extraordinary story of Creation and the fabulous lost worlds of Atlantis and Mu, the past lives of Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Jackie Onassis, Richard Nixon, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and other celebrities. The World Before forecasts things to come, among them:

  • A solution to the world's energy problem...
  • A reduction in crime throughout America...
  • The rise of a new national leader -- in Germany...


The World to Come: The Guides' Long-Awaited Predictions for the Dawning Age - Ruth Montgomery 2000

Amazon Synopsis: In The World to Come bestselling author and world-renowned psychic Ruth Montgomery presents a wealth of new material about who we are, where we are headed, and how we can cope with the political and natural upheavals that loom in our future.

Many rank Montgomery's remarkable powers of foresight with those of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. Now, with the clarity and candor that has won her such a loyal following, Ruth gives a tour of the next century and beyond. Ruth discusses her guides' prediction that the earth is bound to shift on its axis and provides information about what areas are safest as severe global weather patterns intensify. She also shares stories of numerous people from ancient Palestine, including herself, who have been reincarnated at this time to help bring peace and healing to the world. Finally, in what she intends as her farewell book, Ruth offers a warm and fascinating look at her own life.

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