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Birthdate: September 30, 1948

Shakti Gawain is a writer and speaker in the areas of creative visualization, meditation and enlightenment.

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Awakening: A Daily Guide to Conscious Living – Shakti Gawain 2006

Publisher’s Synopsis: Each day, we have the opportunity to awaken to the larger world, the natural world, those around us, and our own goals. Grasping this opportunity can be challenging, but it is possible.

Information overload, lack of time, and an inability to connect with essential spiritual teachings conspire to make our journey to consciousness daunting.

In this revised edition of Awakening, pre-eminent spiritual teacher Shakti Gawain offers gentle daily guidance for that journey.

A classic book of days, Awakening is organized around the calendar year and the seasons, using themes and approaches suitable for each day. Each of the 365 entries is clear and simple, consisting of a topic heading, a short message, and an affirmation or question. Through these short pieces, Shakti shows readers how to recognize and release old patterns and beliefs and how to open to new and nurturing approaches to all areas of their lives. Equal parts affirmation and stimulation, these daily doses of wisdom put readers on the path to greater awareness of their own sense of spiritual truth.

Create Your Own Affirmations: A Creative Visualization Kit by Shakti Gawain 2003

Amazon Synopsis: Creative Visualization is the art of using mental imagery and affirmation to produce positive change. Employing her proven method, Shakti Gawain teaches how to trust intuition and act on our inner truth as a means of both releasing and developing creativity in every area of life. This kit offers her dynamic tools for transformation: a supportive guidebook, a visualization journal, 25 printed affirmation cards, and 25 illustration-only cards for individually-customized affirmation cards, all packaged in an elegant portable box.

Creating True Prosperity - Shakti Gawain 2000

Amazon Synopsis: Personal-growth pioneer Shakti Gawain presents her definition of prosperity: not bankrolls and material possessions, but rather a fulfilled heart and soul. Interviewing people about their views of prosperity, she has found that most, regardless of their wealth, feel a serious lacking in their overall sense of well-being.

Using a fresh approach, she challenges the Western tendency to equate money with happiness, encouraging readers to examine their longings honestly, follow them to their roots, and separate them from false desires or addictions. Writing with authority and warmth, Gawain shows readers how to create true prosperity in satisfying relationships and the kind of happiness not dependent on possessions or circumstances.

Creative Visualization – Shakti Gawain 2002

Amazon Synopsis: Creative Visualization has been successfully used in the fields of health, education, business, sports, and the arts for many years. Gawain explains how to use mental imagery and affirmations to produce positive changes in one’s life. The book contains meditations and exercises that are aimed at helping the practitioner channel energies in positive directions, strengthen self-esteem, improve overall health, and experience deep relaxation. This is the book that launched a movement.

The Creative Visualization Workbook: Second Edition - Shakti Gawain 1995

Amazon Synopsis: Newly updated, revised, and redesigned, this popular workbook companion to Gawain's phenomenally successful guide to personal growth and fulfillment offers readers hands-on methods for designing and implementing a completely individualized blueprint for positive change.

Developing Intuition: Practical Guidance for Daily Life - Shakti Gawain 2001

Amazon Synopsis: If embraced and followed, intuition can be an accurate force that permeates all facets of life. Shakti Gawain teaches readers how to tap their innate inner knowledge and use it to enhance their lives and attain their goals. Chapters explore the role of intuition in health, creativity, work, and prosperity. Exercises based on Gawain’s workshops help readers listen to their inner guide but also evaluate the worthiness of such knowledge in the context of the real world. Stories from her clients and her own life illustrate the practical advice she gives.

Embracing Ourselves: The Voice Dialogue Manual - Hal Stone, Sidra Stone and Shakti Gawain 1998

Amazon Synopsis: Drawing on years of clinical experience, the authors take readers on a remarkable journey of self-discovery. The "sub personalities" that live with the self are explained, allowing readers to pursue their individual destinies.

The Four Levels of Healing: A Guide to Balancing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Aspects of Life - Shakti Gawain 1999

Amazon Synopsis: In this profoundly exciting and challenging time, individuals may find they are involved in a difficult yet fascinating learning process -- both their personal evolution and the evolution of human consciousness. In this book, best-selling author Shakti Gawain describes the four levels of human existence -- spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical -- and explains the importance of developing all four. She also provides the meditations and exercises readers need to begin their own healing journeys.

Living in the Light: A Guide to Personal and Planetary Transformation – Shakti Gawain 1998

Amazon Synopsis: In Living in the Light, Shakti Gawain introduced a powerful new way of life: that of listening to one's own intuition and relying on it as a guiding force. In the newly revised edition of that classic work, she elaborates on her original ideas, adding aspects of her own experiences and learning process over the past twelve years. In addition to balancing feminine and masculine energies, she now examines several other fundamental polarities we all have, such as power and vulnerability. Everyone's life journey involves developing the full range of self and acknowledging all aspects of one's personality — including both light facets and dark.

Meditations: Creative Visualization and Meditation Exercises to Enrich Your Life - Shakti Gawain 2002

Amazon Synopsis: First published in 1991, this new edition is twice as long and includes all the original meditations as well as those from more recent works that focus on intuition and prosperity. These meditations can be used to help readers and practitioners tap into creativity; connect with their inner guide; explore the male and female within; and much more. With a new introduction by the author, this is a perfect companion for the millions of readers who seek “private” guided meditation from this inspiring teacher.

The Path of Transformation: How Healing Ourselves Can Change the World - Shakti Gawain 2000

Amazon Synopsis: Most people face challenging personal issues - in jobs, relationships, finances, and health. Traditional ways of living, working, and relating to one another and the environment often don't seem to work well, yet there are few effective models for change. Shakti Gawain shares the ideas and perspectives that have been the most helpful to her; guides readers in healing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds; provides tools for dealing with difficult situations; and proposes that the solutions to personal and planetary crises are within each human being.

Reflections in the Light: Daily Thoughts and Affirmations - Shakti Gawain 2003

Amazon Synopsis: This book gives readers an inspirational thought and a useful tool — an original affirmation — to be read each day. Each entry has a heading, a short message or meditation, and an affirmation. Readers not familiar with Gawain’s work can refer to the glossary and index for more clarity. A new introduction by the author and a new contemporary design are also featured.

Return to the Garden - Shakti Gawain1992

Amazon Synopsis: The bestselling author of Creative Visualization and Living in the Light reveals the most private and initimate details of her extraordinary life and shares experiences and feeling that connect at a profound level with readers everywhere. Line drawings.

Tantra for the West: Everyday Miracles and Other Steps for Transformation - Marc Allen and Shakti Gawain 1992

Amazon Synopsis: Get into the Tantric Way. BE HAPPY, men and women together.

CDs and Audiobooks

Creative Visualization Meditations CD - Shakti Gawain and Marc Allen 2002

Amazon Synopsis: This companion to Creative Visualization details the practical technique of using mental imagery and affirmation to produce positive life changes. In each meditation, the author describes specific images and directs the listener through the meditation process.

Contacting Your Inner Guide Audiobook: Step-By-Step Guided Meditations Designed to Help You Make Choices That Are Right for You (Meditations with Shakti Gawain) - Shakti Gawain1989

Amazon Description: Based in part on two of the most popular exercises in Creative Visualization, this audiobook introduces concepts and features meditation designed for repeated listening.

Discovering Your Inner Child Audiobook (Meditations with Shakti Gawain) - S. Gawain 1989

Amazon Description: Gawain works with the theories of Hal Stone and Sidra Winkleman to bring forth the fun-loving inner child, allowing for more intimate relationships and a more enjoyable life.

Expressing Your Creative Being Audiobook (Meditations With Shakti Gawain) - Shakti Gawain 1989

Amazon Description: Focusing specifically on becoming more creative, Gawain discusses concepts and leads listeners in exercises and meditations.

Male and Female Within Audiobook (Meditations with Shakti Gawain) - Shakti Gawain 1989

Amazon Description: Gawain shows how to bring into balance and harmony the male and female forces found within each individual for a healthier emotional life. The female is intuitive and compassionate; the male active and strong.

The Soul and Relationship Audiobook : A Dialogue Between Shakti Gawain and Deepak Chopra, M.D. (Dialogues at the Chopra Center for Well Being) - Shakti Gawain and Deepak Chopra 2002

Stress Reduction and Creative Meditations CD - Marc Allen and Shakti Gawain 2005

Amazon Description: For many people, getting started with relaxation techniques, for health or other reasons, can present a real challenge. This recording introduces easy and effective guided meditations to help change the way people respond to anxiety. Thousands of people have found these simple techniques helpful in achieving a more balanced lifestyle. Stress Reduction and Creative Meditations offers self-care for anyone coping with the demands of an overbooked schedule, a hectic pace, or life in an increasingly complex world.

On Track One, Allen's soothing voice combines with quietly inspiring background music to gently guide the listener through complete physical relaxation, a vital first step toward stress reduction. The creative meditations on Track Two allow the listener to accomplish inner work on health, abundance, financial success, fulfilling relationships with others, and attainment of life purpose.

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