Spiritual/ New Age Word

This list contains word and term definitions related to the spiritual, new age, esoteric, metaphysical, paranormal and supernatural.


Affirmationsare positive statements repeated over and over to replace less positive concepts held by the subconscious mind.

Afterlife - The life in spirit realm between earth lives. Also called the other side, life after death, life between life, heaven.

Age of Aquarius – An astrological term describing a time period when the sun is in the Aquarian constellation at the time of the spring equinox. According to many astrologers we are now in the Age of Aquarius having come from the Piscean Age. Astrologers believe that each age effects humanity in different ways reflecting traits of that particular Zodiac sign.

Alchemy – was a medieval study that involved transmuting base elements into gold. It was the forerunner of modern chemistry. It had underlying premises that hinted at spiritually transforming the practitioner.

Alternative Medicine – methods of healing considered to be outside the methods of modern western medicine. Examples are Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Herbal Remedies, Naturopathy, etc.

Angels - A celestial being from God who acts as a guardian, guide, or messenger to human beings. They are often depicted with wings and a halo.

Archetype – an “original” - mentally, emotionally, spiritually imprinted model from which others are copied. Carl Jung was first to incorporate the idea of human archetypes into psychology. He insisted that they are part of the collective consciousness and so are universally understood. (e.g.) the mother figure.

The idea of archetypes as mental models and symbols that are universally recognized (understood), goes as far back as Plato and related also to things. (e.g.) the Cross has come to become widely known as a symbol of Christianity and has been printed on the collective unconscious as such because of the mental and emotional act of the Crucifixion.

Aromatherapy – the use of the oils of aromatic plants to provide physical and psychological health and wellness. They are often taken as teas, inhaled or massaged into the area that requires healing.

Ascended Masters - the term was originated by the Theosophists beginning with H.P. Blavatsky to describe eastern spiritually enlightened beings who had become enlightened during an earth lifetime and are still able to spiritually impart their knowledge from the other side to us here on the earth plane.

Astral Projection - or astral travel involves the astral body leaving the body to travel or have an experience. Many believe that we all do this when we sleep.

Astrology – astrologers use information about where various planets were located at the time of a person’s birth to make up an astrological chart containing 12 houses. The twelve houses reflect aspects of a person’s life, such as home, family, love, and carrier. They are able to determine a person’s traits and characteristics but also future events depending how the planets move through the sky an relate to other planets and stars, etc.

Aura - is the life-force or energy that is emitted from every living thing, people, plants, and animals. Some people can see these auras and most of us can fill them to some extent – we can tell whether someone else is giving off good or bad vibes.

Automatic Writing – or psychography is writing that is channeled without conscious effort. The medium has “checked out” consciously.


Bilocation – is the phenomena where a person or object appears to be in two places at the same time.

Buddhism – an Asian religion based on the teachings of Buddha.


Cell Memory – a term popularized by Sylvia Browne referring to conditions and memories from our past lives that are retained when our soul enters our present body at birth. (egs) a birthmark that resembles a wound in a past life or a fear of snakes for no apparent reason.

Chakras – are energy centers or wheels aligned along the meridian of the body. They are found in the locations of major endocrine glands and help th proper flow of energy through the body.

Color therapy – or chromotherapy is the use of colors and their vibrations for healing and wellness. Practitioners use colors to balance energies that may be lacking or out of balance on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels in a patient.

Coincidence – the occurrence of similar, or related events at the same time by chance.

Confucianism – the moral and religious system founded by Confucius in China.

Conscious mind – is everything which is in our awareness when we are in a waking state.

Cosmos – another name for the universe, everything that exists. Most dictionary definitions also imply that all that exists, is in harmony, connected.

Crop Circles – inexplicable circular patterns of flattened crops in fields.

Crystal Ball – a sphere ground from quartz crystal used by a sensitive to give a reading to a person of their present and future life.

Crystal Healing – crystals used in alternative therapies to positively effect and balance the body’s energy field.


Déjà vu – a feeling of having experienced the present situation before.

Divination - divining, foretelling future events or discovering hidden knowledge about a person, place or event. Often using tools such as cards, pendulums, runes, coins, an item the person owns, crystal ball, etc.

Dowsing – search for underground water or minerals by using a Y-shaped stick or rod which dips abruptly when it is over the right spot.

Dream Interpretation – Finding and assigning meaning in dreams based on archetypal symbols and the meaning various symbols might have for the dreamer.


Ecology - these days is concerned with the “positive” relationships of organisms to their environment.

Ectoplasm - A substance produced during the interaction with some ghosts.

Elementals – a name given for all nature spirits depicted in “folklore” who are the energy spirits around all living things in nature. (eg) elves, fairies, sprites, gnomes, dwarves, etc.

Environment - is the world around us, encompassing all of nature and the natural processes of the earth that provide for our sustenance. This is the most common meaning used presently when referring to the “environment”.

The meaning of “environment” used by sociologists and psychologists also includes everything human beings have outwardly created, that is encountered - including physical objects, the physical results of individual actions and behaviors, and the physical results of cultural and societal ‘concept-decisions” visited upon each individual any day, or everyday of their lives.

Esoteric – mystic or spiritual teachings and practices where a sense of secrecy or mystery is involved.

ESP - extrasensory perception – the ability to gain information by a method that is out of the realm of our five senses. A method or ability that is supernatural or paranormal considered to be out of the realm of the normal five senses.

Extraterrestrial – being whose birthplace or home is outside the earth or its atmosphere.


Fairies – are small nature spirits often with wings that are associated with flowers and plants. They are connected with the life-force of plants and their healthy growth.

According to some, you can only see fairies if they choose to show themselves to you.

Feng Shui - an ancient Chinese aesthetic process that involves the harmony and balancing of natural energy by the placement of objects depending upon the elements with which they are made. It involves the four basic elements of fire water air and earth. Used in people’s homes, gardens, and communities to promote positive flow of energy.

Fortune-teller – a person who works at foretelling future events in people’s lives.


Gaia – a Greek goddess of the earth from which has spread a concept of earth as the mother and womb of all living things and a sense that all life on the earth depends upon this interrelationship and its positive functioning.

Gems – precious and semi-precious stones. In the new age sense they are also used like crystals in healing and wellness as each different gem gives off a different vibration that has certain properties to balance the human energy system. Used in Reiki and other practices.

Ghosts – dead people whose spirits are trapped on the earth plane, not having made the transition over to the Other Side. They can often be seen, heard, or experienced by those who are sensitive.

Gnosticism – is based on intuitive knowledge of spiritual truths found outside the doctrines of other religions.

Guides, Spirit Guides - many psychics and sensitives believe we each have at least one spirit guide that we chose before life, to be our constant companion and guide, from the minute we are born until the minute that we die.

Guru - a Hindu spiritual teacher or head of a religious sect who takes on pupils who are interested in studying and devoting themselves to the teachings and way of life of the teacher or sect.


Hinduism - a religion and philosophy of India, with a cast system and a belief in reincarnation.

Holistic Health – the treating of the whole person rather than just the symptoms of a disease including their psychological, physical, and social needs.

Homeopathy or Homoeopathy – a treatment of disease with very small doses of drugs, etc,. that in a healthy person would produce symptoms like those of the disease itself. (e.g.) Treating an allergy by giving small exposure to the allergen, to build up the patient’s immunity.


Imprint – in a new age sense is an area of the world that has taken on strong emotional vibrations from traumatic experiences suffered by people on the site. These are impressions that can be felt by sensitive people long after the original events. (eg) ground zero, New York, battlefield sites, etc. Places where churches have been located for centuries may be positive examples of an imprint.

Inspirational Writing – is a form of automatic writing where the writer is conscious and hears voices or receives thoughts which are “given” or dictated to them.

They often contain information that the writer did not consciously know beforehand.

Intent – a decision, usually consciously made, that governs the results of our actions. Many intents or intentions spring from how we see ourselves, that is, who we are, and what we want to convey or be.

Intuition – the power of knowing or understanding something immediately without reasoning or being taught. It can be experienced as a gut-feeling, an inner knowing, a pulling toward something.

Islam – the Muslim religion based on the teachings of Muhammad.


Jainism – is a religion that contains elements of Buddhism and Hinduism with an added belief in non-violence to all living things.

Judaism – the religion of the Jewish people, with belief in one God and based on the teachings of Moses and the Talmud.


Kabbalah – also known as Kabala and Cabala is a school of esoteric thought with its origins in Jewish mysticism but also encompassing Christian and New Age mystic additions.


Ley Lines – are energy lines criss-crossing the earth and believed to give off stronger energies where the lines cross. Ancient churches and religious buildings were often built on areas where these lines cross.

Lucid Dream - is any dream in which the person is aware that they are dreaming. Because they are aware the dreamer can often make choices to change what occurs in the dream.


Mantra – a special word or phrase repeated as an aid to concentration in Hindu or Buddhist meditation, yoga, etc. (eg.) Om.

Meditation – a mentally relaxed state practiced on a regular basis to get more and more control over thoughts and emotions. Different disciplines of meditation can be practiced. Some involve contemplation; some involve stilling the mind.

Medium - is a psychic who can see, hear, and/or communicate with people who have died.

Metaphysics – a philosphy that seeks to explore and answer the questions about being and knowing. (eg) Who are we? Why are we here?

Miracle – a remarkable and welcome event that seems impossible to explain by the laws of nature and is therefore attributed to a supernatural agency.

Mysticism - heightened spirituality. Devoted striving for union with the Divine, enlightenment, deep spiritual connection, etc.


Naturopathy – is a system of medicine based on the healing power of nature. It includes the use of techniques such as acupuncture, nutrition, medicinal herbs, homeopathy and change in behavior.

New Age – philosophies and spiritual practices that have sprung out of the idea that the movement of the planets out of the Piscean era and into the Aquarian, suggests a time of spiritual growth and evolution, qualities reflected by Aquarius. This movement has attracted those who were not happy with controls placed on individuals of how they must worship, by the standard religions.

Numerology – the study of the supernatural significance of numbers. Used to give people more awareness and insight into themselves.


Occult – the knowledge and study of supernatural phenomena.

Oneness – the concept that we are all connected spiritually, and so, are part of each other, and part of God. Often involves feeling or experiencing this oneness with all things in the universe.

The Other Side or Afterlife - the life in spirit realm between earth lives. Also called the afterlife, life after death, life between life, heaven.

Ouija Board – a board marked with the alphabet and other signs, used with a movable pointer to indicate messages in seances. Many mediums say the Quija board is not good to mess with, as it attracts ghosts, often ones that are up to no good.


Pagan – all religions that don’t believe in one God.

Palmistry – telling a person's future or character by examining the lines in the palm of their hands.

Paranormal - is a supernatural experience or event considered to be outside the realm of normal experience, that is, not able to be explained or proven by science.

Parapsychology - is the study of paranormal activity and abilities.

Past Lives – lifetimes that we have lived on the earth plane before the present one.

Poltergeists – are noisy and disruptive unexplained events often visited on one person. They can involve objects being picked up and thrown, rapping, knocking, biting, hitting and pinching.

Possession – is considered to be the entering of a person’s body by a spirit entity. This could only be possible if the person consciously allowed this to happen.

Precognition - the ability to see into or have knowledge of the future.

Prophecy -foretelling the future beforehand using supernatural abilities.

Psychic – having insight beyond the ordinary. Being able to read people or events. Having heightened powers of perception.

Psychokinetic energy - or psychokinesis is the ability to move an object without touching it.

Psychology – the science that deals with the mind and its functions in relation to emotions, behaviors and interactions of individuals and groups.

Psychometry – giving insights and information about a person by reading energy from an object that belongs to them, something they wear or carry often.


Reflexology – the practice of applying pressure to various points on the feet to relieve tension and treat illness by improving energy flow.

Reiki – is a hands-on healing technique developed in Japan in 1922. It consists of kinetic energy flowing through the palms of the healer into the patient’s body. The Japanese type heals by placing the hands intuitively. The western type of Reiki positions the hands on set points on the body corresponding to the seven chakras.

Reincarnation - the process of a soul, coming into and living many different lifetimes on the earth plane.

Relaxation – the process of making oneself peaceful both physically and mentally. Releasing and letting go tenseness and tightness.

Remote Viewing - the supernatural ability of an individual to travel in consciousness to another location and be able to describe in detail what is happening there.

Runes – letters in an Early Germanic alphabet. They are commonly painted or etched on wood or stone and used to divine for answers or advice.


Scrying –receiving supernatural visions with the help of reflective surfaces such as water and/or mirrors.

Self Help – gaining techniques or skills that you can use to better yourself in the areas you wish to grow – often psychologically, spiritually, or socially. The process can involve reading books, going to workshops or retreats, listening to CDs, or watching videos.

Shamanism – is a term used in some indigenous groups and tribes to describe the magical, religious customs practiced by their shaman, medicine man or woman or holyman. The shaman is often also the tribal healer passing the religious and healing practices down to the next medicine man or woman who will replace them. Their religious practices often include contacting the spirits of animals and their ancesters.

Shinto – a Japanese religion revering ancestors and nature-spirits.

Sikhism – an Indian religious sect, combining elements of Hinduism and Islam.

Sixth Sense – another term to describe ESP, intuition and knowing beyond the other five senses.

Soulmate – a person to whom you feel a strong connection possibly from a past life experience. You can encounter many soulmates in your life in the areas of love, friendship, family, work, etc. who aid you in your life’s journey. You can also be a soulmate to others in all of these relationships.

Speaking in Tongues – speaking in another language that has never been consciously learned in a present lifetime. Occurs to people spontaneously in Christian Pentecostal services and practices, and also when some people are experiencing a past life during past life regressions.

Spirit Guides - many psychics and sensitives believe we each have at least one spirit guide that we chose before life, to be our constant companion and guide, from the minute we are born until the minute that we die.

Supernatural – incidents, abilities and experiences that appear to occur out of the realm of our five senses.


Table-tilting - a technique developed during the times when spiritualism became popular. Mediums would get the table to move and tap out messages using the alphabet.

Taoism – a Chinese religious and philosophical system whose central concept and goal is the Tao, the code of behavior in harmony with the natural order.

Tarot Cards – a deck of 72 cards including the major and minor arcanas. These cards contain many archetypal symbols and are used in divining to give a reading for a person which often contains information about present and future happenings in the person’s life.

Theosophy – any of several systems of philosophy that aim at a direct knowledge of God by means of spiritual ecstasy and contemplation.

Therapeutic Touch – a technique that involves holding your hands above the body and giving energy or manipulating the energy of the patient’s auric field to bring about relief and healing.

Trance – a sleep-like state in which the conscious mind is given over to the subconscious or superconscious mind. Can occur under hypnosis.


-Yoga – a Hindu system of mediation and self-control designed to produce mystical experience and spiritual insight; a system of physical exercises and breathing control used to raise the body spiritually.


-Zoroastrianism – the ancient Persian religion taught by Zoroaster (or Zarathustra) and his followers, based on the conflict between a spirit of light and good and one of darkness and evil.

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