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A Haunted Love Story: The Ghosts of the Allen House - Mark Spencer 2012

Amazon Synopsis: When Mark Spencer and his family moved into the beautiful old Allen House in Monticello, Arkansas, they were aware of its notorious reputation for being haunted. According to local lore, the troubled spirit of society belle Ladell Allen, who had mysteriously committed suicide in the master bedroom in 1948, still roamed the grand historic mansion. Yet, Mark remained skeptical—until he and his family began encountering faceless phantoms, a doppelganger spirit, and other paranormal phenomena. Ensuing ghost investigations offered convincing evidence that six spirits, including Ladell, inhabited their home. But the most shocking event occurred the day Mark followed a strange urge to explore the attic and found, crammed under a floorboard, secret love letters that touchingly depict Ladell Allen’s forbidden, heart-searing romance—and shed light on her tragic end.

This haunting true ghost story includes several photographs of the Allen House.


A History of Ghosts: The True Story of Séances, Mediums, Ghosts, and Ghostbusters - Peter H. Aykroyd, Angela Narth and Dan Aykroyd 2009

Amazon Synopsis: Peter Aykroyd spent his childhood watching his family’s parlor séances through the crack of a basement door. Here, for the first time, Aykroyd tells the strange and delightful story that inspired his son, Dan, to make the mega-hit, Ghostbusters. Part history, part family legend, A History of Ghosts starts in 1848 in upstate New York, where the spiritualist craze first began. Aykroyd introduces the reader to notable mediums while telling the story of the development of spiritualism, interweaving a personal history marked by a fascination with ghosts and spirits with the larger narrative about the role the paranormal has played in our culture. Such legendary figures as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini appear and vanish.

Everyone loves a good ghost story. Successful TV shows such as Medium and Ghost Hunters are proof that our national obsession with ghosts is here to stay. Millions of Americans believe in the paranormal—and even skeptics have heard a bump in the night and suspected it might be something supernatural.


Angels, Guides and Ghosts CD  – Sylvia Browne 2004

Amazon Description: In this unique CD program, world-renowned psychic Sylvia Browne dispels the popular myths about angels, spirit guides, and ghosts. With her trademark candor, she explains that you can communicate with your angels and guides, and that they’re here to help you along your journey. In addition, she covers topics from forgiveness to reincarnation, shares some of her personal experiences with these celestial beings, and provides helpful tips on effective prayer.

Sylvia also imparts methods to protect yourself from a psychic attack and determine whether your loved ones are sending you messages from the Other Side. Then, using a healing meditation, she shows you how you can unite with your angels and spirit guides whenever you choose to do so. In closing, Sylvia uses her abilities to answer audience questions and shed light on what really happens when we leave this plane of existence.


The Big Book of New York Ghost Stories - Cheri Revai 2009

Amazon Synopsis: The second volume in the Big Book of Ghost Stories series is a treasury of more than 100 stories from each region of the Empire State. Gathered by New York's celebrated Ghost Author, this assortment of spooky tales includes the terrified spirit of Seneca Hill, RIT's jovial library tower ghost, the legendary haunted skull of the Adirondacks, state Capitol phantoms in Albany, Shanley Hotel ghosts in the Hudson Valley, the spirit of the most beautiful girl in New York City, and many more.


Coast To Coast Ghosts: True Stories of Hauntings Across America - Leslie Rule & Ann Rule 2001

Amazon Synopsis: An employee of the St. James Hotel in New Mexico watches in shock as a fair-haired toddler with a terribly disfigured face disappears into the floor. This is just one of the paranormal mysteries Leslie Rule shares with us-a result of extensive interviews and research uncovering the reasons behind ghost sightings across the country. Coast to Coast Ghosts features dozens of spine-tingling, real-life ghost stories and approximately 50 black-and-white photographs, taken by Rule, including some believed to have captured actual apparitions. Only the reader can decide. . . .


The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits - Rosemary Ellen Guiley 1993

Synopsis: A very comprehensive volume on all things pertaining to ghosts and spirits. It has four hundred entries arranged A-to-Z, plus illustrations. From an author who has looked extensively into the supernatural and written more than 45 books.


The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits - John & Anne Spencer 2001

Amazon Synopsis: John and Anne Spencer are at the forefront of research into the paranormal and have investigated bizarre and unexplained events throughout the world. Here they have gathered together hundreds of accounts of spectral phenomena to produce an all-new volume of their bestselling ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GHOSTS AND SPIRITS. Divided into sections according to the nature of the phenomena (including haunted objects, poltergeists and omens among many others), this new volume will also include interviews with ghosthunters about their most fascinating, and terrifying, cases.

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50 Great Ghost Stories - John Canning  1988

Synopsis: The author explores 50 real ghostly legends and hauntings around the globe.

Ghost Hunters: William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death - Deborah Blum 2007

Amazon Synopsis: A Pulitzer Prize winning author tells the amazing story of William James's quest for empirical evidence of the spirit world.

What if a world-renowned philosopher and professor of psychiatry at Harvard suddenly announced he believed in ghosts? At the close of the nineteenth century, the illustrious William James led a determined scientific investigation into "unexplainable" incidences of clairvoyance and ghostly visitations. James and a small group of eminent scientists staked their reputations, their careers, even their sanity on one of the most extraordinary quests ever undertaken: to empirically prove the existence of ghosts, spirits, and psychic phenomena. What they pursued, and what they found, raises questions as fascinating today as they were then.


Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I  - T. M. Simmons 2011

Amazon Synopsis: This collection of ghost hunting diaries is a selection from those T. M. Simmons kept during her twenty years of adventures in the paranormal world. As a writer, she felt compelled to keep records of her encounters, and until now, she has only shared these with a few friends and relatives. Encouraged by their interest, and the awe and sometimes apprehension on their faces, she is editing some of the dozens upon dozens of diaries in her files.

Volume I contains Down the Ghost Trail, which chronicles the start of T. M. Simmons’ ghost hunting career at the haunted Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Crossing Over explains how she learned to help lost souls cross into The Light. In Midnight Ferry, a late-night phone call sends her into a confrontation with a nasty ghost-witch who meant horrific harm.

The other three stories are ones she chose as some of her favorites. She has also included a few definitions of her beliefs and the rules by which anyone whom she allows into her ghost hunting life must abide. These stories are true, and each new volume will be offered as a prelude to the upcoming fictional Dead Man mystery series. Dead Man Talking, which should be available as an ebook within a few days of this first volume, will be a fun, scary romp in the paranormal world. Part of the first chapter is included at the end.


Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society - Michael Jan Friedman 2007

Amazon Synopsis: The Atlantic Paranormal Society, also known as T.A.P.S., is the brainchild of two plumbers by day, paranormal investigators by night: Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. Their hair-raising investigations, fueled by their unique abilities and a healthy dose of scientific method, have made them the subject of a hit TV show: the SCI FI Channel's Ghost Hunters.

Now their experiences are in print for the first time, as Jason and Grant recount for us, with the help of veteran author Michael Jan Friedman, the stories of some of their most memorable investigations. The men and women of T.A.P.S. pursue ghosts and other supernatural phenomena with the most sophisticated scientific equipment available -- from thermal-imaging cameras to electromagnetic-field recorders to digital thermometers -- and the results may surprise you. Featuring both cases depicted on Ghost Hunters and earlier T.A.P.S. adventures never told before now, this funny, fascinating, frightening collection will challenge everything you thought you knew about the spirit world.


Ghosts I’ve Met – Hans Holzer 2005

Amazon Synopsis: Hanz Holzer's personal experiences with poltergeists, haunted houses, clairvoyants and psychic experiences.


Ghosts of Old Louisville: True Stories of Hauntings in America's Largest Victorian Neighborhood - David Domine 2005

Amazon Synopsis: The most haunted neighborhood in America? With more than 45 square blocks of wonderful hundred-year-old mansions and charming town homes, Old Louisville counts as the largest Victorian neighborhood in the nation. Given that there are more than 1,000 structures in all where generations of families have lived, loved and died, it is not surprising that there might be a ghost or two knocking about in this acclaimed National Register Historic Preservation District. So many so, in fact, that Old Louisville has also gained the reputation as being the most haunted neighborhood in the country.

David Domine found this out for himself when he purchased a lovely 1895 chateauesque mansion on Old Louisville's famed Millionaires Row in 1999. A self-proclaimed skeptic, he dismissed rumors of a mischievous resident poltergeist named Lucy when he moved in, but he soon found himself at a loss to explain the disembodied footsteps, mysterious odors and paranormal activity that plagued the old home. Even after unnerving events caused him to flee the home in the middle of the night, Domine tried to come up with rational explanations for the strange occurrences. Gradually, however, he came to accept the possibility of supernatural phenomena and began to dig into the past of the old home known by locals as the Moorish Palace. He eventually came up with a theory as to who or what might be haunting the property, and in the process he was able to uncover a wealth of fascinating history and ghostly tales about his historic neighborhood.

Ghosts of Old Louisville: True Stories of Hauntings in America's Largest Victorian Neighborhood chronicles the harrowing events in his own home and discusses the haunted past of other significant structures in the neighborhood. Rich with interesting historical tidbits and vivid architectural descriptions that bring the opulent mansions and charming homes to life, Domine creates an enchanting mood piece as a backdrop for his tales of the paranormal in this unique American neighborhood.


Ghosts of the Air: True Stories of Aerial Hauntings - Martin Caidin 1994

Amazon Synopsis: Imagine witnessing unexplicable events while piloting a plane thousands of feet in the air. These are real accounts from pilots who have experienced strange phenomena. Landing at an airfield that wasn't there; planes guided by dead pilots; Bermuda Triangle accounts; sightings of aircraft from the past; airfields haunted by airmen killed in action; ghost warning prevents plane crash; more.

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The Little Book of True Ghost Stories - Echo Bodine 2011

Amazon Synopsis: Barroom brawler ghosts, a ghost prayer group, Peeping Tom ghosts, a ghost who hates children, and even a ghost who didn't know he was dead are just a few of the wild assortment of characters in Echo Bodine's delightful new collection of true ghost stories. A psychic who has been hunting ghosts for 40 years, Bodine shares her story of how she became a ghost buster along with the stories of ghosts, hauntings, and possessions she encountered along the way.

Wondering if those flickering lights, jangling door knobs, and mumbling sounds in the middle of the night mean you have a ghost? Bodine offers step-by-step instructions for getting rid of them along with clearing and protection prayers to keep them away. These funny, sometimes unnerving, and always entertaining stories will provide reassurance to anyone who has ever encountered things that go bump in the night.


The Medium Next Door: Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer - Maureen Hancock 2011

Amazon Synopsis: At just five years old, Maureen Hancock discovered her ability to communicate with the dead. Descended from a long line of legendary Irish mystics, she was no stranger to the spiritual realm, but for fear of being misunderstood by her friends and family she kept the otherworldly messages to herself, eventually suppressing them completely.

Maureen wouldn't hear the spirits again until she was in a near-fatal car crash. Soon after, she had hundreds of voices in her head, many of which helped her crack cases and expose fraud in her role as a litigation paralegal at a large Boston law firm. Then, when tragedy struck on 9/11, Maureen was bombarded with messages from the spirit world. As each one made contact with her, she finally came to terms with her calling: to communicate with the deceased, assist the dying, search for missing children, and teach the living about life after death, all the while raising her children in her suburban home.

Maureen Hancock is literally is the Medium Next Door, and in this book and through her stories of her encounters with the otherworld as well as guided exercises at the conclusion of each chapter, she offers the same comfort and wisdom she shares in her healing encounters and lectures about what is out there waiting for all who are open to its mysteries. . . .

The Medium, the Mystic, and the Physicist - Lawrence LeShan 2003

Amazon Synopsis: First published in 1974, this groundbreaking volume relates field theory of altered states of consciousness and compares the surprisingly similar views of mediums, mystics, and physicists.

When renowned psychologist Lawrence LeShan first explored clairvoyance and precognition it shook his belief in everyday reality. As a result, it led him to postulate other states of consciousness, which he calls “Clairvoyant Reality” and “Transpsychic Reality.” Although LeShan was trained in the traditional scientific method, he discovered that these altered realities—including the knowledge of future events, the ability to heal from great distances, and other paranormal phenomena—operated according to their own laws.

Filled with mesmerizing case examples, quotations, and observations from LeShan’s own personal experience, The Medium, the Mystic, and the Physicist includes LeShan’s essay, “Human Survival on Biological Death,” where he brings a fresh perspective to the theory of the afterlife. A classic guide for the study of parapsychology, readers will be intrigued by this collection of unique ideas.

  • A classic in the field, often thought of as the author’s best work
  • Author is renowned as a psychologist and a leader in the modern study of mind-body interaction


Our Haunted Lives: True Life Ghost Encounters - Jeff Belanger 2006

Amazon Synopsis: Ghost encounters are happening everyday to people everywhere, and the events prove that we are not alone. When people encounter what they perceive to be a ghost or spirit, their lives are forever changed. The ultimate question - Is there life after death? - has just been answered for them. Ghosts cross every culture and continent, and the belief in their existence is on the rise.  

Our Haunted Lives features the stories of dozens of people who have witnessed the supernatural firsthand in their homes, at work, and in numerous other locations. Our Haunted Lives explores the profound nature of ghosts and spirits. Through personal interviews, the author captures the many different facets of the experience - the touching, where people come in contact with a loved one who's passed on; the funny, where pranks are played or peculiar disembodied sounds are heard; and the frightening, where people still feel shaken by what they saw, heard, and felt. Ghosts are unbiased - they appear to people from all walks of life, ages, cultures, and religious backgrounds.  

Our Haunted Lives features accounts from famous hauntings, such as an extensive interview with George Lutz - the man whose experiences with the paranormal in Amityville, Long Island launched debates, books, and movies. You'll hear from police officers who were the first on the scene after a homeowner reported a break-in, only to find the disturbance wasn’t caused by someone living. Doctors who had a brush with the supernatural after losing a patient on the operating table will speak about the very emotional and profound events they witnessed. No, we are not alone.


Phantoms Afoot – Mary Summer Rain 1989

Hampton Roads Synopsis:: A fascinating description of the quiet work done by Mary and her husband Bill in liberating spirits lost between two worlds. You might call these ghost stories, but ghost stories told with concern for the welfare of the ghost! Like the previous three volumes, Phantoms Afoot is very much set in Colorado. All the wild beauty of the Colorado countryside enters into the story.


Psychics, Mediums & Ghost Stories: True Tales of the Supernatural - Edward Kwiatkowski 2002

Amazon Synopsis: People are looking for something that would fortify their belief, that there is something more than this life. My short ghost stories are very convincing that there is such a life, because they show the interaction of humans and the other world of life after death.


The Quirky Medium - Alison Wynne-Ryder 2013

Amazon Synopsis: Scared of ghosts, Alison is a most unlikely medium. But her huge natural gifts for sensing the presence of spirits and angels have taken her on an extraordinary life journey, helping thousands of others with her channelling and healing abilities. Her down-to-earth English humour has also brought her fame as hostess of the TV programme Rescue Mediums.

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Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places - Brad Steiger 2003

Amazon Synopsis: In addition to rounding up the usual suspects, including the Bell Witch, Borley Rectory, the monster of Glarris Castle, and Gef, the mongoose/poltergeist on the Isle of Man, this book includes much that is new for the dedicated ghost aficionado. 

True Ghost Stories - Alan Toner 2012

Amazon Synopsis: Real life hauntings from the UK and around the world. Twenty-five cases of terrifying ghostly activity, including such famous hauntings as The Whaley House, The Ancient Ram Inn, The Enfield Poltergeist and many more. If you love true ghost stories, then you will love this book. 


Visits from the Afterlife – Sylvia Browne with Lindsay Harrison 2003

Amazon Synopsis: Sylvia Browne showed us how to get in touch with departed loved ones in The Other Side and Back and Life on The Other Side, her classic books on the afterlife. Now the #1 New York Times bestselling author opens another portal to the world filled with ghosts and spirits in an astonishing and inspirational book that will resonate with readers everywhere.

In Visits from the Afterlife, Browne journeys even deeper into The Other Side. With her trademark sixth sense, detailing stirring true encounters, she describes visitations with ghosts, in-transition spirits, and other troubled souls seeking peace and closure. She travels to locations as diverse as haunted homes and ships possessed by the otherworldly forces who walk their deserted decks. Through these spiritual visits, she explains the reasons behind many of the world's most bizarre and mysterious hauntings. And she shares her own personal, face-to-face experiences with these inexplicable phenomena.

Informed by Browne's authentic insider's view, this is an unprecedented glimpse into these other dimensions. From surprising revelations about the spirit world to moving reunions with those who have moved on, Visits from the Afterlife once again illustrates their profound and eternal influence on our earthly lives.

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